Saturday, 20 December 2014

#MySexySaturday week 24

This week’s theme is A Sexy Sleigh Ride and it’s our hats off to the holidays.

Because I don’t have a sex car ride, or any sexy ride at all, I’m going towards the holiday theme, and as it’s not often I pimp myself (yeah I’m laughing as I write this). I wrote a short story for Beany Sparks new meme on her blog, it’s the Moonlit Wolves boys around the Christmas table!!

“God, you’re fucking hot,” Brad worshipped as he brushed a ripened plum against his lovers lips. He watched in awe as Kyle’s lips parted, rich pink lips against deep purple of the plum was nearly too much for Brad.
He and Kyle had been apart for nearly two weeks leading up to this very moment, mostly both of them working—okay, so it was more about Brad getting an offer he couldn’t quite refuse for matters related to his work as well as another round of cannon fodder for Mitchell, while he learned the ropes he wasn’t learning.
All hush hush clueless bullshit when he was actually learning how to protect his mate—his family.
Teeth peeked out just before sinking into the flesh, juices running down his lover’s cheek. Unable to hold himself back, needing to taste, touch, love on his lover in ways that he couldn’t really do at the table, Brad leant forward, licking up Kyle’s chin as the man chews and swallowed before Brad took his mouth. As Brad’s touch flicked he held a hope dinner finished up soon so he could take him upstairs where he planned to lock them in for several days.

And onto the pimping and other random facts linked to this hop

Christmas With Family
(Moonlit Wolves #5.5)

Only one thing screams Christmas, and that’s family

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Moonlit Wolves series

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  1. Very nice snippet. Thanks for being part of My Sexy Saturday and I look forward to 2015!

    1. Thanks!! Cant wait for next years to start up :)

  2. Very Good. Thanks for that snippet. Have a Merry Christmas