Thursday 22 January 2015

Characters Character #1

For my first one out I’m going to choice Jex from Moonlit Wolves 1: Loved by a Werewolf
I know it’s not my first book, but I’m re-releasing My Kevin a little later this year and so I’ll talk about them when I’ve read through their book, so closer to the date. They’ll be fresher by then.
So, we meet Jex in as his running through the woods being chased by his kidnappers.
I feel this book needs the backstory told. So I’m going to leave this moment and move onto that
I wrote this story as a Christmas thing for my blog, and then a series exploded from it. I know it’s a little short, a little… we’ll it could be better, but mostly I don’t believe this books should have opened my series. I know that it needed to be there, you can’t have either Matt or Jex without their book, but maybe if I went in there on the third book or forth you’d have had some backstory that would make you understand him a little more.
Jex is a… hm… okay I’m not sure what the technical term in the community would be, but his into rape fantasy, it’s what he truly gets off on, and though Matt can’t really give him that, he can at least give Jex enough.
Jex is a quite person, mostly because his been brought up in a house were over speaking got men killed, mostly in front of him. He has been splattered in blood more time than any child should, and rather then been tough full on self-defence his father hands him a gun or other implement as he tells him he going to get raped and beaten if he’s caught.
So, clearly not a loving dad, and yet he was, Jex’s dad didn’t lie to him. He didn’t hide behind who he was, mostly because he wanted his son to be aware of what life he lived in. He wanted his son to want his life. But our Jex is actually a lover, he doesn’t want gore or fortune, he wants love and friendship and family, the way a family should be.
He’s been isolated for a long time, not so much because his father has hidden him, but because his father is that horrid a person that most of the town’s people end up shunning Jex for the fathers behaviour. which made Jex withdrawn and even though he could have become moody and violent he generally just left everyone alone because it had gotten to a point that it hurt too much to have them friend him and then hate him before his dad pulled him out of the hole they ended up in and moved on.
It meant that when he meet Matt he wasn’t as pleasant to him, not in a way of rudeness but in the way of not opening up, and when you’ve hiding yourself, you tend to not see what others are trying to tell you. Which means finding out who Matt truly was… well it may not have been as shocking as it should have been, because he’d seen these points of weirdness, without actually seeing them.
Jex is one of my favourite characters to write, he’s complicated and his past is harsh but he takes on life with passion and a quite enthusiasm, which is so easy for me to write. With all his complexity, he is one of the simplest and openness characters I have. He has everything to hid, and nothing to lose.
He’s also horny as hell, him and Matt, if there in a room for any time they are getting it on, and they don’t care who watches, but this is mostly because of Matt, who I’ll get to next week…

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