Saturday, 10 January 2015

#MySexySaturday week 74

New Years! Or more so Sexy New Years. It’s the time where we reflect on the sexy times over the holidays, at that party we went to, a resolution that might get a wee bit naughty, or my trying to remember the name of the person in bed with you.

This week is about those times… the sexy that comes from that. I’m picking mine from a holiday post I wrote for Beany Sparks post which is gone live now, so if you’d like to see the whole thing, the links below.

“Fuck you’re hot,” Matt whispered into Jex’s ear, brick scraped against his jaw as his lover pushed him against the side of the house. They were at the main house—Eamon’s for their very first family Christmas or at least the first with all the newbies.
“I was just walking,” he said as he pushed himself back against Matt. The facts were he had only been walking, the just part was where things got fuzzy, but since Matt had gotten him a thick plug for Christmas and he happened to be wearing it, turning standing near Matt into something more. It probably hadn’t helped that he was enjoying the feel as his hips rolled the thick plastic around inside him.
“Like I said, fucking hot.” he thrust forward hard, pushing Jex’s body into the wall again, shifting the plug, giving him all the pleasures Matt knew Jex needed.
Jex moaned deep, fingers clawing at the wall, needing… something to happen, for this not to be just a tease.
Then again, Jex knew what Matt needed too, and made the last couple of hip sways as they got to a place Matt would feel comfortable enough, hadn’t been just for himself.
Matt’s hands went to his waist, slipping down under the elastic when Jex sucked in his gut. A quick fiddle with Jex’s junk as he sucked at his neck before slipping around to jiggling the base of his plug, causing Jex to moan and rock his hips harder.
“Matt, please!”

And onto the pimping and other random facts linked to this hop
Christmas With Family
(Moonlit Wolves #5.5)

Only one thing screams Christmas, and that’s family


Moonlit Wolves series

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  1. Yowza. Sexy Saturday indeed. I think I need a cold shower to cool off from this snippet. Thanks for sharing!