Saturday 21 February 2015

#MySexySaturday week 80

One Sexy Night is the theme this week. That one moment, the moon is bright, the night is crisp and the person you are meant to spend the rest of your life (night—we really aren’t picky) is standing there, just for you.

Mine is the first time Craig saw Phil for the first time, not completely sexy but it’s the moment that shot into my mind as soon I read this week’s theme and so…

It seemed to Craig that the change started really slow. One minute, he was looking at the squatted version of the beast, the next its body had become smaller, its fur reduced to nothing but smooth white skin. Dark hair sat messily around his head, its face becoming that of a human right along with his body.
Not knowing why, Craig started to look around, only realising what he was searching for when he found a cloth bag tied to one of the bottom branches of a small tree. It was a dirty green and tucked in close to the trunk so no one would see it. Getting up, he walked over to the bag and took it down off the tree, then pulled out a pair of sweats and an old white shirt.
Turning back around, he found himself facing the most beautiful man he had ever seen. Standing the same height as Craig, he was nothing but lean muscles on a solid body, one that wasn’t too thin, but wasn’t too thick, just a tight waist, decent width shoulders and thighs that—fuck me—his cock was the same as in beast form, a dryer pink thickness that jutted out of his body, making Craig swallow hard.
“Oh,” the man said, his voice a nice flowing tone that wasn’t too deep and wasn’t high. He was just average, and that was perfect. He cupped himself with both hands, making Craig smile as he looked up at the bright pink face that was somehow dark, delicate, and handsomely plain. His lips were a little thin, his nose slight, his eyes a deep blue, and his hair a flop of dark brown crazy on his head.
“Here,” Craig said as he handed the man his clothes.
“Thanks,” he replied, as he pulled on the sweats. “You’re my mate,” he seemed to spit out. The redness that reached his shoulders told Craig he hadn’t meant to say it.
Craig froze. Everything in him just stopped.

And onto the pimping and other random facts linked to this hop

Seeking My Werewolf
(Moonlit Wolves #3)

Craig couldn’t predict setting a werewolf free would lead to this much trouble.

Two A  months after the kidnapping of his best friend’s mate, Phil can’t stop thinking about the Hunter that set him Phil  free. He can’t get the smell out of his nose, and it’s driving him nuts.
Craig’s only ever known one thing: hunting werewolves. He was born into it, raised to do nothing but kill the beasts—so why the hell did he set one free? Worse, why can’t he stop thinking about it?
When Phil and Craig meet up again, they start events that will slowly entangle all of them in the war that’s about to unfold—as long as they manage to survive the first wave.

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  1. Love the average-ness of your hero. They don't all have to be movie star rugged or model pretty. I hope the men find a way to make it work despite the cards being stacked against them.