Friday 24 April 2015

Apirl's Interlude

I want to introduce you to my brand new series called Lakehouse Security. The first book in the series will be available to you May 1, 2015. So in just a little over a week! You can get it at

So just a little bit about the series as a whole. Lakehouse Security is owned by the Newell family. It's a big military family where there are five brothers and two sisters. Three of the brother's are ex-military. One brother is still serving and then Ryan never joined, becoming a paramedic instead. However, even Ryan works for the Security company the brothers started. The series centers around one of their cases in which gay men are getting kidnapped. This is an important case because during the brothers all fall in love.

I wanted to create a series where there was more action and adventure then I'm used to writing but still tell a love story. I hope you like it.

Here's a sneak peak at Book One in the series, Sudden Love.

When Love comes suddenly, sometimes you just have to go with it.

Xander Newell isn’t the one nightstand type of guy. He wants a commitment with someone who is willing to put up with his crazy family and being away on the job sometimes. Finding someone who is willing to put up his brothers, who he lives and works with on a daily basis is hard to find. Still Xander’s not willing to compromise.

Xander gets called off bodyguard duty to investigate this religious cult that may be tied to some kidnappings of young men. He finds Aaron Keller, one of the missing young men. What he doesn’t expect is the instant attraction and longing for the man. Xander just wants to keep Aaron safe, even if that means backing off.

Xander turned and looked at him then, scowling as he nodded once. Turning from the shower he opened the wrapper on one of the plastic hotel cups and filled it with tap water.  He handed Aaron the cup and Aaron drank slowly. He handed the cup back to Xander and Xander filled it again, leaving a full glass on the sink counter within Aaron’s reach. “Do you need help in the shower?”
Aaron shook his head but he honestly didn’t know if he’d be able to stand or not.
“I’ll leave the door open. If you need me just yell, okay.” Xander pulled a toothbrush and toothpaste out of his back pocket and laid them on the sink. He stepped out of the room, leaving Aaron to himself. Ryan stood just outside the door looking in on him.
“Stop staring,” he heard Xander say, presumable to Ryan.
Ryan smiled and winked at him. “I’m just making sure he doesn’t need my help.”
“If he needs help, then I’ll be the one to do it,” Xander growled out.
Aaron stood, his legs still shaky, and pulled off his clothes. They were more rags than clothing anymore. He pulled back the shower curtain and stepped into the tub. The warm water felt good on his skin. He could actually see the dirt wash off of him, mixing with the water. The dark brown coloring at his feet let him know exactly how dirty he was. He instantly was embarrassed because he must smell, although he was used to his own ripe odor to really know for sure. His hair was so greasy and nasty the water seemed to flow right over it. He tried to open the wrapping on the bar of soap but his hands shook so bad he couldn’t seem to get them to work.
“Xander,” he called out and the man was there instantly. Aaron handed him the bar of soap with an arm out of the curtain. “Would you help me? I can’t stop shaking.”
Xander took the wrapped soap from him. Within seconds, Xander was handing it back through the opening of the shower curtain. Aaron looked at that strong tanned arm, and those blond hairs getting wet, for a few extra seconds before taking the soap from him. Xander started pulling his hand out but Aaron grabbed it in his own. His fingers trailed along the back of Xander’s hand a few times before he finally let the man go. To Xander’s credit he didn’t say anything, just let Aaron do what he wanted.

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