Thursday 28 May 2015

Character’s Character

This week I thought I’d talk a little about my Moonlit Wolves boys as a whole because as I sit and write this, well…I’m actually trying to write up the last 2 short stories for the anthology I’m putting together as a Christmas special for you guys.

The first in the story is The Lounge Scene from book 4

This is literally the scene from book 4 and because of the way I talking about this, it’s safe to say, you need to read the series or these books won’t make as much sense

On the other hand, a few of them I have posted on blogs and such, so maybe not.

Anyway, we open with Matt and Jex having sex on the lounge, which is the scene Eamon walked in on when he went to get Chris back.

I love this story. I originally wanted to publish it as a special feature in the book, but…that didn’t happen, so I’m over joyed to get the opportunity to publish them all now.

The Aftermath with Tim is the next story, Colin & Tim’s. This is…well I honestly can’t remember what it’s about, so I’m going to have to go in and actually make something of it.
It’s just about Tim breaking down. About nightmares, he’s having after this ordeal in book 2, and about him acknowledging that he’s got a problem.

Before this post, I thought that would have been enough but now…

On the Couch with Dr Collin, is a story I’ve had on a blog somewhere or another, I can’t remember off the top of my head. It about all them all as it’s the backstory of the boys, which, other than to get a bit of word count, thought it would be something you’d like to read.

And lucky for me, this one has had a new overhaul so it’s in line with the books I’ve already written, and not something I have to fix to match (really hate that I’ve changed my series like 4 times since I started it)

Another one that’s about all the boys is Christmas with Family. This is another one that’s been on a blog, so all set up and everything.

The next one is The Argument between Craig and Phil, which is mentioned in book 6. This is one that I’ve had to change in order for it to fit into the plotline now. it’s what the name said, and was meant to be in book 6 but I ended up going a completely different direction in that book, as I learnt that we were coming to the end of the ark, and that Gene and Dan just needed a wee bit on them not everything.

The next is At First Sight is a pre-book 8 story, this is him first meeting Luke, which is the first time you’ve ever seen him. Which is harder to write then you’d think and yet I should have anticipated it as I’m struggling with everything Moonlit Wolves at the moment.

I also want to put one in as a pre-book 9, which is Terry and Jack’s (…Jake’s—I stuffed up somewhere and now I can never remember what he’s name is, and it’s always in that, the first name that comes to mind, like is that the long one, or the right one?!) story.

I’m not quite sure if I’ll write this one or not, and where I’d start, because book 9 is actually going to hold the longest time line, and so should I just put in a snippet of their actual story? or….

And that’s the book. I’m hoping to have it done by this weekend and off to my beta before I send it in, but at least now you have something to look forward to around Christmas time from me

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