Friday 26 June 2015

April's Interlude

Okay, so I just finished Pickleville #8. Yay! I had a great time writing Caden and Robyn’s story. The book comes out September 15th. Visit my website for current information about the Pickleville series and all my other books.
Okay so here’s a little Excerpt of the Lakehouse Security #5. The working title is Persistent Love. This is Aiden’s love. Originally I started writing Mikkel Alvarez’s story. If you all remember from the first book he was the one that took over for Xander guarding Damon Shields, the porn star. I just wasn’t feeling it. After a bit of consultation with an expert (Bronwyn Heeley) I decided I really want to know Aiden’s story. So, here it is.

(Please note that this is an unedited Excerpt)

WIP Excerpt

Aiden felt the truck move under his body, the slight bounce and the tires on pavement as he came too. He could hear Danny in his ear telling him what was being planned but he couldn’t answer back because the fuckers in the front of the van had suddenly gone quiet. They’d hear him if he spoke now.
He could hear the panic in Danny’s voice, “Fucking talk to me, Aiden. You’re scaring me. Locke call Justin. Tell him Aiden when off the grid.”
Aiden shut his eyes at the thought that Justin was the one coming to rescue him. Not that he needed rescuing, he had this under control. Sort of.
He looked over at the guy next to him, still unconscious and Aiden wondered who he was. He had been lying beside Aiden when he came to a few minutes ago. Aiden knew the guy wasn’t dead because he could see his chest move.
God, how the fuck did the assholes in the front get the drop on him. He thought it was over. They shut the compound down, rescued Damon Shields and two other captives. They had been back in Damon’s apartment, regrouping, getting ready to go back home. Aiden wanted to check the mail for any letters, just to make sure.
Check all possibilities. Wasn’t that what Xander was always telling Ryan during training? Don’t leave anything out. You can never be too safe.
Somehow he missed something. One of those fuckers had hit him the back of the head and even now he could feel the ache throughout his head. One of the men he recognized from the compound, he had been there in the background watching the cops take several members away.
Did he have a badge hanging from around his neck? Aiden couldn’t focus long enough to remember. His headache made focusing difficult.
The stupid fools had handcuffed him with standard issue cuffs, like that was going to stop him at all. He had to work slowly so the men in the front didn’t hear him and put him in something he really couldn’t get out of.
“What are we going to do with the big one?” one of the assholes said. Aiden stopped what he was doing and listened. He’d really like to know the answer to that himself, actually.
“Information. Boss wants to know who these guys are and who they work for.”
“How do you know he’s one of them?”
“I saw him at the compound when we were making arrests. Followed him to that apartment.” Well that answered his question about one thing. One of them was definitely a cop. Dirty, but still a cop.
“You going to try out the small one in the back, Ted?” Aiden heard something weird, like displaces air and an impact of skin on skin and then the guys said, “Ouch.”
“You know we’re not allowed to touch without the boss’s permission.  Plus, that little guy ain’t my type. I like the other one better. That one I’ll take if the boss lets me.” Aiden couldn’t wait for the fucker to try and touch him.
“If the boss sold the big one how much do you think he’d bring in?”
“You’re so fucking stupid. Do you think the boss tells me anything about how much money he makes off of those boys’ asses? I only care about the finder’s fee I get,” The cop said.

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