Sunday 14 June 2015

Read This Week

The deal with all those books I’ve read this week

Blind Man’s Wolf (Tooth and Claws) by Amelia Faulkner
*Cry for Me My Little Raven (Lost Shifter) by Stephani Hecht
Drawing Out His Wolf, The Vampire’s Geek, Happy Furry New Year, Paws for Change, Drving Borscht Batty (Wolves of Stone Ridge), Soothing the Zebra’s Fears (Kontra’s Menagerie), The Goat Farmer’s Guardian, Hot-Blooded Alligator, Tempting the Bear (A Paranormal’s Love), A Nip of Good Cheer, A Rose for Paul’s Protector & An Unforgettable Bite (A Loving Nip) by Charlie Richards
Master Takes a Name (Out for You) by Sean Michael

All About Jenny by DJ Manly
Alpha’s Prerogative, Accepting His Animal by Charlie Richards
Loving Jacob by Lee Brazil

Turquoise (Enchantment) by Rain Carrington
Two Point Conversion by Mercy Celeste
Blood Moon Rising by Amelia Faulkner


Dead Ice (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter) by Laurel K Hamilton

If you would like my thoughts on any of the above, tell me and I’ll tell you.
* What I bought this week and read
** won 

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