Friday 3 July 2015

April's Interlude

Okay so here’s another little Excerpt of the Lakehouse Security #5. The working title is Persistent Love. This is Aiden’s love story. I think I’ve hit a groove with this story. I hope. *fingers crossed*

(Please note that this is an unedited Excerpt)

WIP Excerpt

When Aiden woke up he felt heat on his back. He reached an arm around him to pull that warmed all the way around him. When he felt a hard muscled shoulder he nearly jumped off the bed, but then an arm came around to steady him.
“It’s just me. Go back to sleep,” Justin said pulling him closer.
Well, that just woke Aiden up in more ways than one, not that Aiden would tell Justin about his erection or about the fact that he could feel Justin’s against his ass. He lifted Justin’s arm off of him.
“Get off me or I’m going to kick your ass,” Aiden said and immediately regretted it because somehow his head hurt worse today than it did yesterday.
“I think you’re good Justin. I don’t think he means it.” Danny said from somewhere in the room.
“Why are you here?” Aiden said to Danny.
Danny made this high pitched sound which sent Aiden’s head over the edge with pain. Aiden gripped his head and moaned. Justin reached around him and pressed the button for the nurse. Justin kissed him gently on the top of his head and moved off the bed. Aiden rolled onto his back, keeping his eyes closed against the harsh lighting of the room. He could hear Ryan talking to the nurse for him and wondered if all his brothers were here, except for Zane of course because he was still overseas in the military.
He opened his eyes to see a shitload of people in his hospital room. He searched the room for the one person he needed right this second and found Ryan against the back wall. He waved a hand at him to come to him and then grabbed him up in a hug the second he got close enough. “Why does my head hurt worse today than it did yesterday?” he asked him against his ear.
“You’re brain his just healing. It’s kind of like having a bruise. It looks worse before it actually starts getting better. Similar concept.” Ryan pulled away. “I’m having the nurse give you something to take the edge off.”
Aiden nodded. “Thanks, baby brother.”
“Sure. Just rest, man.” Ryan started to pull away but Aiden grabbed his hand. “I’m proud of you. Xander is too. You did good on your fist mission, kid.”
Ryan got this funny look on his face and then smiled. Ryan took Aiden’s hand and bent down to hug him again. Aiden knew how much his approval meant to his little brothers. Even Xander seemed to need his praise every now and then. Aiden wasn’t sure why that was but he thought it had something to do with their dad. Out of all of them, Aiden looked and acted the most like him. It was natural for Aiden to give orders, even as a kid, and his siblings listened most of the time. Xander was the only one that seemed to consult with him more than he actually followed Aiden’s orders.
Aiden looked over at Xander, who nodded at him. Ryan let him go and straightened. He squeezed his hand one last time before walking over to where Danny stood next to Xander. Xander had a dufflebag in his hand but he couldn’t ask about it because the nurse came in with some medication.
After the nurse gave him the meds and left he shut his eyes. He could hear Danny and Ryan arguing about something but Aiden didn’t really care to know about what. The familiarity of if comforted him. He turned onto his side, away from the harsh lighting. He heard Justin’s long strides walk across the room to him. He couldn’t say how he knew it was Justin, but he did. It was as if the man was ingrained into his DNA.
He didn’t think he’d be able to sleep but then Justin started rubbing his back again.
“Mom used to do that for us.” Ryan said from somewhere in the room.
“He has trouble sleeping,” Justin said softly.
“Yeah, we know. We live with him. You’d know to if you stop fucking with him and stay around.” Danny’s voice sounded firm and had a level of menace to it that Aiden hadn’t heard out of him in quite a while. That tone of Danny’s said more than anything that his relationship with Justin had effected everyone, not just him.
“Danny,” Xander said but Danny cut him off.
“No, Xand. I know this asshat’s your friend and he’s like family, but damn it. Someone has to say something here. You come in and out of his life like he’s your favorite pet yo-yo. Don’t you get it yet, man. He feels things deeper than most people,” Danny nearly yelled out this last part.
Aiden turned, laying on his back again, forcing Justin’s hand away from him. “Enough,” he whispered looking at Danny. Danny wanted to protest but wouldn’t. The tick in his jaw and the look he gave Justin said more than any words could have.

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