Friday, 28 August 2015

April's Interlude

Here’s something completely new to me. I started writing a Paranormal series. I thought to myself ‘maybe I should start off slow’. Just kinda break myself in to the genre and just have a simple werewolf pack or something like that. Yeah, no. This series has dragon, wolves, and cat shifters. It has vampires. And witches. So pretty much a bit of everything. It even has a water monster shifter.

Here’s an excerpt of the Book One called Leave it All (Saint Lakes #1). I thought I’d include the part of the blurb that went with the excerpt, just to introduce it.

Lucas Speck is just a nerdy little guy, who works at an office supply company and house sits for his parents. At least he used to be until the headaches took over and weird things started happening. Now he’s a man with a secret. His life gets even more turned upside down when he goes out with his friend and gets cornered by what he thought were muggers, until he saw the very vampire like teeth enter his friends neck. Lucas runs for months and tries to forget that monsters exist.

(Please note that this is an unedited Excerpt)

WIP Excerpt

Chapter One

Lucas Speck felt the headache coming on yesterday. It was like this buildup of something inside him that he couldn’t let out. The worst part was they were coming more frequently and things started getting weird. He lay on the floor of his parents’ living room with the lights off and his eyes shut. Sometimes, it was better to just be as relaxed as possible, calming his mind.
His phone rang and startled him. He sat up quickly when the weird thing happened again. It was like this cloud of energy went through the entire room, zinging around like a bullet until it found his mother’s half dead plant. Lucas watched as the brown crinkled up leaves turned green in an instant and purple flowers popped up by the dozens above the green.
That stupid plant had been half dead a dozen times since his parents had been away for the winter and he had brought it back in just this way at least that many times. He was housesitting for them for a few months. Well, sort of housesitting. That’s what his mother called it, but Lucas had a hard time thinking of it like that because he grew up in this house. It was sort of like just moving back home for him, which was essentially want he did.
Lucas sighed in relief when his headache started to subside. He looked at the phone and it was his friend Shawn.
“Hey, you have to come out with me,” Shawn said the instant the phone connected.
“I have a headache. Again.” Or rather, I had a headache. It seemed to have gone away. Besides, he wanted to go party about as much as he wanted his headache back.
“Come on. You always say that.”
“That’s because it’s true.”
“Please, Lucas. I’ll even come over and help you pick out your clothes. I know how fashionless you are.”
“Ha, ha. Fine. But no that straight bar by the lake. I hate that place. Way too many homophobes.” Lucas’ last experience at that bar almost got his ass kicked and he didn’t even do anything. A guy thought Lucas was hitting on him when all he did was look over in the guy’s general direction. The guy wasn’t even Lucas’ type and when Lucas told him that the guy got pissed off. Lucas got scared because the guy was friggin’ huge and then something happened. The guy just suddenly stopped and looked at him funny. He turned back to his friends as if nothing happened. It was super weird. “And I’m driving. The last time you hooked up with some random guy and left me at the bar.”
“Whatever, dude. I don’t care who drives. I can’t believe I got you to agree so easily. Are you sick? Is something wrong with you?”
“Very funny.” It usually did take his friend a lot of persuading to get him to agree and he liked staying home usually, but his headaches had kept him from going the majority of the time Shawn called him. He’d been getting them well over a year now.
The headaches started off slowly. Just a little bit of one hear and there that slowly got worse over time. Now he had them so bad he felt sick to his stomach. That is until something weird happened to make the headache go away. The weirdness just started in the last couple months, since he’s been house sitting for his parents. He looked at his mother’s pretty African violet and wondered if the plant had anything to do with it.
“You do act like a house-bound old man. Dude, you’re twenty-six years old. You need to live a little. Get in trouble. Find some guy and let him fuck you. Get drunk. Something besides go to work and go home.”
“I happen to like staying home. Still don’t like my job though.”
They hung up the phone a few minutes later and Lucas stood up. He decided to test his theory, about the plant, out on one that he accidently let die in his dad’s office. He walked through the living room to the back of the house and down the hall. Opening the door to his dad’s office he walked in. He looked at the brown leaves. Oops. Poor plant. His mother was seriously going to freak the fuck out when she saw all the dead plants around her house. Except for the African violet that seemed to magically revive itself. Why wasn’t only the violet and not the other plants in the house?

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