Friday 11 September 2015

April's Interlude

Here’s a little more on the M/M Paranormal series I’m working on. The series is called Saint Lakes. Book One will be titled Leave it All. The tentative release date is November 1st, 2015. Hopefully.

Series Blurb

The small town of Saint Lakes has always been a peaceful place for shifters of any kind to live, at least it used to be before the witch moved in.
Mother Estelle raised her children to be ready for anything. After all, being a shifter isn’t exactly the safest thing to be. Not many humans know that shifters and other paranormal species exist, and the ones that do are usually hunters. The small town of Saint Lakes now has more of a shifter population than any other kind of species, including humans. No one is stupid enough to disturb Mother Estelle. Surrounded by lakes and forests, it’s the perfect place for her shifters. That is until a witch comes into town, bringing with him all kinds of drama the Shifters of Saint Lakes wasn’t used too. Mother Estelle’s children know how to stick together though.

(Please note that this is an unedited Excerpt)

WIP Excerpt

Bennett rolled his eyes the second he saw his brother, Forrest come through the door of his garage. He could tell Forrest wanted something the second he walked through the door. He always got this sheepish grin on his face whenever he was getting ready to talk Bennett into something.
“Whatever it is, the answer is no,” Bennett said and went right back to working on the boat motor.
Forest walked closer and lean against the boat. When he did Bennett smelled it then. Something completely delicious. “You don’t even know what I was…going…Why are you looking at me like that?”
Bennett came closer and sniffed the air. He jumped down next to Forrest and sniffed his hair and clothing. “You smell good.” Bennett’s cock got hard and he backed up, away from Forrest. “Why do you smell like that? Who have you been around?”
“New renter is all. It’s why I’m here actually.” His brother bounced around on the balls of his feet.
Bennett frowned and dismissed that wonderful smell. It was easy to do especially when he moved away from Forrest. “Whatever it is, I said no.”
“But he needs a job and you need help around here. It looks like rag city threw up around here.”
That was until that delicious smell waifed to him. He turned and saw the most beautiful man, Bennett had ever seen before. Bennett’s cock hardened in his coverall and his eye changed. His dragon was pacing, wanting closer their mate. Bennett stalked around Forrest and sniffed the air even as he drew closer.
The man took a step away from him then and his eyes widened. “Forrest, get him away from me before I freak the fuck out and I lose me shit. Serious, dude. I don’t know what your problem is but I don’t always have control when I’m scared. Kinda like now. I don’t want to hurt you. I’m sure you’re a perfectly nice guy who just so happens to be looking at me like I’m a cheeseburger.”
Forrest took a step closer to Bennett and grabbed his arm. Bennett turned and growled at him, making Forrest back up a step. He turned back to the man in front of him and instinctively held out his hand. He didn’t even know why he did it, just knew this man was a witch and would want to read him. All witches did. It was a comfort thing for them, just knowing who they were dealing with. Bennett voluntarily giving himself over to the witch was the equivalency of tilting his neck in a show of submission to a wolf shifter, something he would never do under normal circumstances. Hell, Bennett hadn’t even let his mom read him sense he was a teenager.
He didn’t submit to anyone but his Alpha. And that was because Ramsey could kick his ass all over Saint Lakes if he didn’t. Still Bennett was Ramey’s number two.
Forrest sucked in a breath. “Holy crap. My brother never submits to anyone but Ramsey, Lucas. Take his hand and read him. He’s letting you.”
Bennett turned and scowled at Forrest, not understanding why he was being a commentator to their meeting.
 “He doesn’t n know about this stuff, man. He didn’t grow up knowing he was a witch. He needs you to tell him shit like this.”
Bennett nodded once and turned back around.
Lucas looked at him in surprise and then hesitated before taking his hand. His skin was soft, but cool against Bennett’s. It made Bennett want to draw him in against his body so that he could warm the small man, but he held back letting the man do what he had to do to be at ease with him. 
“His name is Lucas,” Forrest said from behind him.
“You just called him by that name. I’m not stupid, Forrest,” Bennett said and rolled his eyes. He smiled at Lucas, but with his dragon eyes it had to look weird. It’s not like he could help it though. Lucas smiled back at him.

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