Friday 18 September 2015

April's Interlude

Here’s a little more on the M/M Paranormal series I’m working on. The series is called Saint Lakes. Book One will be titled Leave it All. The tentative release date is November 1st, 2015. Hopefully.

(Please note that this is an unedited Excerpt)

WIP Excerpt

The waiter came over then and poured coffee for Ramsey and Bennett. The waiter gave Bennett a flirtatious look, which Bennett might have returned even just a couple days ago, but he didn’t now that he found his mate.
“I want orange juice,” Lucas said and Bennett heard the testiness in his voice. Bennett looked over at his mate then. Lucas narrowed his eyes at the waiter and looked like he wanted to set the guy on fire.
Bennett grinned until Lucas turned his irritated gaze onto him. Lucas turned back to the waiter and said, “That will be all for now.” Lucas huffed out.
The waiter turned to get their order. “What is with that man? Someone really needs to tell him to keep his eyes in his damn head. If he spits or pees him my juice I’ll have his head on a spike. Just wait and see.” Lucas looked up at Ramsey and Bennett then, who were both looking at him. “What?”
“Oh, nothing,” Bennett said at the same time Ramsey started laughing.
“And here I was worried about his safety. I think you’re mate has it all under control Bennett,” Ramsey said when he calmed down enough.
“Well, a human I can handle. It’s the guys with big fangs I need help with.”
“He wasn’t human, baby.” Bennett kissed him again.
“He wasn’t?”
“Nope. Snake shifter. Of the harmless variety though.”
“How can you tell?”
“His smell. He smells like dirt.”
“And do you like dirt?” Lucas asked and opened his menu.
“Not really no.”
“Have you ever had a moment of weakness and decided to like dirt?”
Bennett smirked. “No, baby. I’ve never been with the waiter.”
“And you never better be, either.”
Bennett looked at him in confusion. “I couldn’t even if I wanted to. You don’t know about mates, do you?”
“Only what you told me yesterday.”
“This isn’t the time to discuss it,” Ramsey said as the waiter brought there drinks.
The waiter didn’t look at any of them. Lucas grabbed his hand when he set his drink down and held it long enough to find out if the man did anything to his drink. He frowned and yanked his hand way. “That’s so fucking wrong, man.” The guy looked at Ramsey, expecting him to say something.
Lucas shrugged and didn’t say anything. Apparently his drink was fine because he took a sip of it. “So is openly flirting with someone’s mate. Now, if you do something to my food I’ll know without touching you.” Lucas gave the guy his order after that, completely ignoring the surprised look on the waiters face. The guy looked at Bennett with disappointment. 
Bennett chose to ignore him and ordered. He barely heard Ramsey as he ordered, so focused on the man beside him. Lucas was a sassy little thing that was for sure. Bennett liked that about him, but he still could let him get away with just grabbing someone’s hand like that and reading him like it was his given right. Lucas couldn’t do stuff like that.
“That wasn’t okay, Lucas,” Bennett said when the waiter left.
Lucas shrugged. “He was a jerk.”
“He didn’t know I was mated, baby.”
Lucas shrugged and looked down at his orange juice. “I won’t do it again. Especially to him. I don’t like that guy, at all. I don’t want to know anything else about him.”
“Lucas you can’t do that to anyone, whether you like them or not. Never again, Lucas,” Bennett said, sternly.
Lucas looked up at him in surprise and then hurt crossed his face. He never said another word after that. Even when Ramsey gave him instructions he still just nodded. When the waiter brought their food he apologized to Lucas for flirting with his mate, but Lucas never said a word to the guy.
“He’s sorry too,” Ramsey said. “You’ll come by the lake soon, Jarris?”
“Sure. Thanks, Alpha.”
Bennett leaned over and whispered in Lucas’ ear. “Are you going to eat, or look at your food?”
Lucas just turned and glared at him.
Again, Lucas just looked like he wanted to stab Bennett with his fork through his forehead. How this went so wrong so quickly, Bennett didn’t know. He knew one thing though. He learned more about his mate in the past few minutes than he did after hours of spending time with him yesterday.
Ramsey grinned at him, as if to say he had his hands full with that one.
“It’s wise for you to move in with Bennett,” Ramsey said suddenly. That seemed to open Lucas mouth.
“So the overbearing ass can boss me around all the time and talk to me like I’m a child. No, I don’t think so.” Lucas pushed his plate away.

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