Saturday, 14 November 2015


Week 118’s theme is Their Sexy Gaze

Have you ever seen a couple who look so adoringly at each other? Makes you wonder just what they are thinking about. Are they thinking about the last time they made love? Or how about the conversation they just had?

“Babe,” he whispered, the word escaping him. Not even this was able to shut him up.
Dan paused above him. Gene wasn’t sure how he knew it, but a slight vibration ran into Dan’s thigh muscles, the ones that Gene was holding. He blinked, though it wasn’t so dark tonight that Gene wasn’t able to see each outline of the man’s face, even if it wasn’t in high def.
“Gene…” Dan sounded confused, his head snapped up, looking around him, though the knife at Gene’s throat didn’t shift, even slightly. Kind of made him proud of Dan and scared to death that his lover was so well trained he was able to even do that in the first place.
Trained. Shit, that should have registered well before this moment, though Gene was going to allow himself a period of incoherency as he fought with his lover. It wasn’t like there were many chances to think when your mind was in your muscles.
“Gene?” Dan’s voice softened, becoming a husky rasp.
“Yeah,” Gene whispered, not wanting to move too much just in case he sliced himself open.
Dan’s weight came down on top of Gene, his arse dropping on Gene’s hips. It was too much, and the fact that his life was in danger seemed to vanish under the pleasure. His fingers dug deep into those hard thighs as Gene pulled Dan further down onto him. Gene arched. It had been so fucking long. He moaned deeply, nearly creaming in his pants from the simpleness of that effortless move. He would have embarrassed himself if he hadn’t been jacking off to the thoughts of Dan like a fucking rabbit on steroids.

And onto the pimping and other random facts linked to this hop

The Rub of My Werewolf
(Moonlit Wolves #6)

Finally free, can Dan make the right decision, not only to keep himself alive, but to keep the man he loves?

Running for his life, in the literal sense, Daniel never thought he’d run into his ex-lover, the one he’d walked away from, forever, but that’s exactly what happens—or is it more Gene running into him?
As Gene tries to catch Dan and get him to realise they are better together rather than apart, he’s got to battle a very real enemy—one that’s been chasing them from the beginning.
Maybe it’s time to end this. Maybe it’s the time to show Dan what he needs to see by standing beside him and showing him he’s willing to do anything for the man he loves.
But this is only the start. Let’s just hope they’re pointing themselves in the right direction.

Note: it’s highly recommended that you read this series in order

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