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This is a little different then my Friday post on April Kelley’s blog as I’m going to show use a little about the things I was working on before I went into MM – saying this it means there will def be some female parts (maybe a LOT of them, especially early on)

Anyway, I decided to do this for a little holiday treat. Hope you enjoy

Note: this is an OLD file, well before I learned anything other than just writing. So you may find sentences that don’t finish, or quite make sense, and I apologies in advance for that. I did not re-read the story before posting.

Wish to start with the fact that I do plan on writing this series, though it’s dark. Blood and sex dark and I can’t wait to get into it. I don’t mind sharing because there are 2 main books to come before this one will be re-written and published

Title: Spilt Blood (Assassin Union 2.5)
Pairing: M/M (LGBT+)
Last modified: 14/Dec/2013
Word count: 4,739

“Tike?” Quintus shouted over the noise that seemed to fill the valley. People of all types and species lay in the aftermath of the battlefield. The ones that were left—in there type of fight, generally came from what was left over.
     Body parts, the blood, and the search to see who lived and who died.
     Most of the people here had live threw too many of these battle, either before they had been dead of after their changing. The only difference now, in this day and age, with the lines and boulder a more solid footing. Was that the battle sites were chosen beforehand and when the horn blow three times, it was all over.
     Piece, in a sense, settled over the lands, and all that was left was picking up the pieces and moving on.
     “Tike!” screamed a tone only a vampire could scream, reached deep into Tike’s baron heart and once again, woke it up. Tike wasn’t sure why it happened. Why this one man, out of everyone else in the whole world. Would seem to make Tike feel things he’d never wanted to feel.
     His heart seemed to beat inside his chest. Rattling around, filling his ears with the sound it made, like it wanted him to know it was there.
     His fingers tingles as he ran them slightly against his the thick cotton covering his thighs. The same pants that seemed to be too tight and too hot at the moments. His nipples twisted into slight peeks, wanting a moment of the man’s attention as much as the rest of him. Hell Tike was even sure he’s hair was moving on its own.
     The part of him that he called his animal twitched and stretched under his skin. It was the weirdest sensation out of them all. Like the feeling of him needing to shift, even if it was slight, but it didn’t want that. Just a stretch after a good nap.
     His nails did lengthen slightly. And his cock seemed to scream for his to shift around where he stood. Allowing itself a slight amount of friction inside his cloths.
     It was an uncomfortable feeling. This whole body need Tike seemed to have for Quintus. And it had been a feeling he’d been trying to learn to deal with. It had been six months since he’d given in to Quintus and allowed the vampire to take him away from all he’d known and brought him into this life. Life of a Rebel.
     Not that Tike wanted to leave this life for anything. He didn’t even want to leave Quin. To Tike, Quin was his life and blood. His forever, in a way little girl goes cray-cray when they find a boy hot. It was a type that had nothing to do with flowers and chocolate and metal and babies. It was obsession and need and lust and violent emotions that only need a jump and it could go from good to bad.
     It was that type of love that could fall into hatred if either of them fucked out.
     It was the type of emotion that got a knife in hand and murder in the heart.
     It was a high that never seemed to vanish even though they’d been at it for a while now. Though the battle they had just been though… yeah, Tike was hot. He wanted nakedness and he wasn’t particularly fussy on where it would be.
     Hell, the ground looked good, soft with all these bodies lying around.
     Quin’s smell trailed to him moments before he say that large blond body peak over the hill. His canines lengthened in his mouth. His mouth watered and his jaw ached with a need to bite down on something hard. To have blood flow into his mouth.
     Tike hadn’t felt this since he’d fucked Quin for that first time. It had shocked him so bad he’d bitten his own arm. It hadn’t killed the need to bite. It only got worse, even after they’d separated. If Tike remembered correctly, he was sure that it had become nearly painful to bite into anything, even banana’s until he’d bitten Quintus on instinct.
     Apparently there need to fuck and bite wasn’t actually true. Just semen and blood. If one still existed while the other happened, the link was locked.
     “Tike,” Quintus’ heavy breath held that a relived note as his hold, blood coated hands gripped onto Tike’s biceps.
     Tike purred, he couldn’t stop his throat from its rhythmic motions. The sound bounced around his body, heating it up more. Making him itchy, irritated. He wanted to rip all the cloths off his body, all of Quin, and rub himself up against the other man.
     Soft skin, smooth muscles, a slight fluff of hair on his arms, his thighs. A patch that ran from just below his belly button to his pubes as it settled around his cock.
     “Tike,” Quin moaned, his fingers massaging the skin and muscles. Body heat seemed to engulf Tike as the other man moved closer to him. Pulling him into his body.
     Tike rubbed his check against the rough material of the clothes Quintus was wearing. It scratched and annoyed him, mostly because it was there, but also because of the smell of other men. Of blood. Of battle, lingered, clutched to Quin like a disease needed a warmth to survive.
     “He’s going into heat,” a voice deeper than Hades spoke. The words flowed around Tike, bouncing off him, as they spoke around him. Maybe to him, but Tike had long since been unable to hear—feel, anything but Quin.
     “Need…” Tike purred again, trying to bury himself into Quin’s chest.
     “You need to fuck him,” the voice spoke around him. Penetrating him in a way that had his muscles tightened around nothing. Moaning as the pleasure anticipation made him sweat.
     “Right,” Quin said, Tike felt the words rather than heard it, right before he was lifted up and dumped over the larger man’s body.
     It was the way they were. Even though Tike was clearly shorter and much more…boy, like, it didn’t mean that he was female, and needing to be treated like one.
     Tike actually preferred this way, which was why the other man handled him so.
     A shoulder dug into his gut, a slightly uncomfortable pain. His crutch learnt up nice and tight against the top of Quin’s breast. Tike was pretty sure the tight part was that he was pressing and releasing in a slow circle against the hard flesh. It could also have been that Quin’s fingers were digging deep into the flesh of his arse, helping him along.
     Tike’s own hands pulled the cloth out from Quin’s pants before he started to rub his hands along the heated flesh. His fingers sliding under the waist of his pants to meet, massage the top curve of the man’s arse.
     “Trust you to go into heat on the battlefield,” Quintus laughed as he roughly pulled Tike back. Making him slide down the larger man’s front. It was slow, and as Tike got to a point he wrapped his legs’ around that trim waist and held on tight. He wanted more. So much fucking more, but he’d been fighting, and that, let’s say human, part of him needed the reassurance that the man in his arms was alive and well. It was almost a need as painful as his cock.
     Lips and tongue, and teeth scrapped and fought and loved and just mated in a relieved sigh of the aftermath of battle. It wasn’t that the adrenaline was gone. That still ran hard along Tike’s spine as he rutted against Quin as they kissed in a way that was passionate, and loving at the same time.
     Tike felt alive, reassured, and relieved all at the same time. They had both survived the battle—not that he’d thought they wouldn’t—they were here now, at the end. With nothing else to do but fuck and eat and fuck some more.
     “Fuck, I love you,” Quintus whispered, their lips brushed each other’s as he spoke. Quin was like this. Always spelling out his emotions to Tike, like he thought he couldn’t feel it. But it did reassure him in ways he’d not realised he needed before meeting the man.
     Then again, before meeting Quin, he’d never wanted to have sex with another living soul as a chose—it wasn’t always his back then.
     Swallowing hard as he pushed away his past, another thing he’d not had to do until Quin was around. He just didn’t think about that sort of stuff in his dark past. And he wasn’t willing to have that back if it meant never having Quin like this.
     Dropping his legs to the ground, after Quin’s prompting, he looked up at the larger man as he gripped the top of his top, behind his neck and pulled his shirt off. Stretching those muscles as he worked it off.
     “Strip, little man,” Quin smiled down at him as he threw his shirt over to the base of a tree. Tike understood they were somewhere—somewhere near water, if Tike’s noise was telling him right, but all his eyes could see. All he wanted to see was the man in front of him, as he unbuttoned his pants, and pushed them down his thighs.
     The slight of pubes snapped at Tike. He wanted to feel that up close. He wanted to finger the curly strands. Grip that thick cock. And more than anything he wanted it up his arse.
     Even though Quin had been adamant that he’d always be fuck by Tike, since Quintus knew what his past entailed. He wanted Tike to feel pleasure all the time. He wanted Tike to feel special and wanted. And Tike had. He’d loved fucking Quin, but more than anything he loved the feeling of Quin fucking him—though the man called it making Love, Tike didn’t really understand it, but he let it go. He liked the look in the other man’s eyes when he spoke softly, asking for permission to make love to him.
     Naked before his feet could hit the ground, it’s a saying, it works, Tike stood, his legs balancing his body, his cock jetting up towards Quins.
     Quintus stood the same as him, like mirror images of each other. Both taking their fill of the other. All that tight muscle, smooth skin. thick cock.
     Quintus’ cock was another one of those things that Tike loves. So thick, it couldn’t leviTike completely on its own, no matter how much blood pumped into it. It hung slightly pointing down at Tike’s own cock. In this position, when they stood facing each other, it was almost like there cocks were the hands stretching out to each other. Wanting to touch, even with all that distance. It was probably a reason that they both stood there taking there fill as they vibrated with the need to mate. Mate hard, and fast, getting the itch away before they could start all over again.
     However, Tike wasn’t sure this heavy need for more more more would let up.
     “Fuck your beautiful,” Quin said as he stepped forward. His fingers brushed under Tike’s chin, lifting it up so he could lay a sweet kiss against Tike’s lips. Soft, loving. A sweet jester of love before the mess of fucking—making love, came into play.
     Falling down onto his knees, Quintus bent down more and engulfed Tike’s cock with an eager swallow. The instant pleasure onto of the itch need to get laid, added an unbelievable vibe on there already after battle horniness.       
     It had been like this since they’d started. That added sex with the blood and adrenalin of winning what you set out to win.
     Quin sucked hard causing Tike’s toes to curl in, his clawed nails dug deep into the dirt under then. Quin’s fingers curled around into Tike’s arse. His massaging the flesh as he went in deep. Swallowing around the head of his cock. Tike knees trembled. Quin’s fingers moved slightly, running the callused pads of his fingers along the soft sensitive skin between his cheeks.
     Pulling him closer, Quin held him up as he pulled him closer. It was a move that happened ever time Quintus sucked his cock. the bigger man wanted him closer, and he had the muscle and the added strength to be able to man handle Tike in any way. even the one that had him off his feet, them resting lightly—as to not freak Tike out—on Quin’s calves as the vampire sat back on his knees and ate his cock like it was lunch.
     The thing that amazed Tike the most, when he’d gotten to that point of complete trust, was how much Tike liked that Quin could do this to him. He also knew that Quin knew this, but the vampire was big enough man not to smirk like him, or taint him with the fact. A fact that Tike was never going to admit too.
     Toes nails, craped at skin as they shifted around from the pleasure, and him trying hard not to stab the man was he gave it.
     Suction was perfect, as was the rhythm that he was setting, almost seeming to be pulling Tike away and closer, rather than him moving his own head.
     One finger and then two fingers played at his hole, pushing in and releasing. It wasn’t breaching the muscles, but it was pulsing pleasure up the channel as he moved them, as well as loosening up the muscles in the process. Tike wasn’t completely sure why it worked that way. And it seemed Quin was the only one that could do it. Maybe, the amount of people who’d used his body allowed that easy relaxation, so he wouldn’t get damaged too much by such rough use. Added with the fact that he wanted the other man in him so much he was screaming for it.
     Though screaming was probably, yes! for the fact that he was getting the best blowjob of his life.
     “Enough,” Tike gript Quin’s hair, holding him still, even as the man suckled on his cock. Pushing it up against the rough of his mouth. “Enough, babe, please…”
     “huh,” Quinton pulled Tike off his mouth—that’s what it honestly felt like—setting his feet back on the dirt as he lifting himself up on his knees, as he looked up at him with a smile that seemed to split his cheek, and eyes that shone.
     “What?” he muttered, his cheeks heating up a little, but he was sure that was just from the need to come. Not anything else, because he had no idea why Quin was looking at him like that. No fucking idea at all.
     Quin laughed, it was joyous in a way that tightened Tike’s chest. The use of one word shouldn’t give someone this much pleasure. Tike knew, that it was his fault that he wasn’t more open about the lovey stuff, but it wasn’t like Quin seemed to mind, he just like when he did it a hell. He once said it was a gift he treasure more than life itself, and the fact that they only came out when Tike was in high pleasure spoke to Quin like nothing else.
     Tike shook his head, “Fuck me,” he nearly whined, “please, Quin, fuck me hard.”
     With a laugh of joy, just added to the mix, Tike liked this side of Quin the best, the one that wasn’t a vampire. That hadn’t lived through more than anyone should. He made Tike’s past wash away, and let them be nothing more than two fleshy bits of muscle and blood, to connect in a way that he’d never been able to before.
     Wrapping Tike in his strong arms, Quin picked Tike up and walked him into water. A slight chill his overly heated skin, giving him a jolt of pleasure as it lapped at his toes, ankles, knees, tights, the underside of his balls, and arsehole.
     Tike’s head fell back as he moaned over the sensations. The added anticipation worked him up more, letting his mind feel the water as something more than what it was. Like fingers walked a delicious foreplay over his skin.
     Lips latched onto the his Adams apple, suckling on it slightly before moving around to lick and clean his thick vain. Fingers probed his hole, loosening up the muscles before the tip of Quin’s fang’s broke skin and endorphins flooded Tate’s system.
     The way of a vampire, Tate thought, as his head rolled back, his arms loosened there hold, as all the muscles in his body completely relaxed.
     This was how they did it. There fangs holding a toxin that made the victim completely willing and relaxed as they took what they needed.
     At this moment all Quin needed was for Tate’s arsehole muscle relaxed and willing for him to slide up into him. That’s why it was only a nick, and more so, it was only because Tate was willing for the toxin to work that he’s body even reacted in the first place.
     Once Tate could move his body on its own, Quin had already started thrusting in and out, coating his channel with precome, and water.
     “Oh, Gods…” Quin moaned out as Tate’s muscles worked around his shaft, it was one of those things that just happened. Like they needed to make sure they still had complete freedom. It was also one of those things that Quin loved most. He’d sometime bite Tate a little before fucking him, or in the middle, just so he could feel that roll of muscle as he gained control.
     Smiling, Tate shifted himself on Quin. This was one of Tate’s favourite positions—standing up. Since Tate was so little, Quin was able to hold him up completely free of walls.
     Hands braced on Quin’s shoulders, Tate got himself moving. It was hard and fast and Tate ended up getting backed into the smooth rock, so that Quin could get a better angle. But they quickly found there rhythm.
     Deep, moan filled thrust moved the water around them. Making it crass and brake as they forgot about everything else but the beauty—the fucking, the pleasure of having this type of connection with another person.
     It was more than simple sex. More than two body rocking with each other, in a mutual need to get off. This was deeper. It was loving in a way that made Tate crave more, faster, deeper. He wanted Quin inside him so deep that there was any way Tate could get him out. He wanted the connection of flesh and blood and semen, and hearts and heat and emotion that turned simple into perfection.
     He wanted it to last forever, and though Quintus had told him again and again that this was forever—that they were forever, Tate couldn’t quite believe him. He wanted it. He craved it with ever fibre but he couldn’t see it happening.
     “Fuck, babe,” Quintus moaned as Tate’s body flushed with heat hotter than he’s ever felt it before. Like fire lapping at their ankles, it consumed him. Made him itch with a craving for more, for faster.
     His legs braced on Quin’s Tate pushed his upper back into the wall and started to slam himself down on Quin’s cock. The thick meat, swelled inside him as Tate pushed them harder and faster, trying to reach the end of the tunnel, where he’d get a relief from the flooding of endorphins that were building up inside him just wanted to spill over, if only he would give them the chance.
     Quin’s hands tightened on Tate’s skin. The wall vanished behind him, and before Tate could process what was happening, Quin had pulled out, flipped him over a smooth, wet stone, and thrust back into him.           
     The angle was exquisite, Tate felt as if Quin was hitting the back of his throat with each powerful thrust. He felt fuller than he’d ever felt before, it would have triggered flashbacks if it weren’t for the aching need to be filled—something that he’d never felt before.
     “Need…” he growled, sounding more like his cat than human in that moment, he’s chest stung in amazing bites as his hardened nipples caught on the rock beneath him. His cock and balls were squished up under him, caught between, ha, a rock and a hard place. It felt as if he’s whole body was being pushed, pulled around him, as pleasure danced across his skin.
     He felt everything, everywhere. He only felt the in and out movements of hard, wet cock, slighting into soft inviting flesh.
     Oh, Gods above… his body started to tighten up. Only a little… just a little…
     Quin’s upper body came down on Tate’s, one arm flat against the rock next to Tate’s face; he licked at Quin’s thumb. His other hand still death gripping his hip, but the change in angle… another rocking slam and Quin’s cock dead ran straight into his gland, and everything was over.
     Lights flashed against the backs of Tate’s eyelids as he was pretty sure he screamed himself horse from the pleasure that rolled around his body. Rough hands rapped around the front of his neck, pulling his body up against Quin’s chest, before a sharp sting, as Quin’s teeth plunged into the soft skin and gushing vein of Tate’s neck.
     Another orgasm shatter threw him as toxic overload filled his mind. His muscles shuddered around him, as his body fought the chemical. He had no mind to stop it, and everything about this coupling seemed different from all the other ones he’d had.
     His mind sloshed around as his body relaxed and tightened, refusing to lift the bliss from his mind until it got everything it needed.
     “Tate, love, you okay?”
     “Yeah,” Tate replied dreamingly.
     “You sure?”
     That had Tate blinking, he tried to move, wiggled to let Quintus know he could be let go, but he wouldn’t budge. His arse tilted sideways slightly, causing Quin to tighten his arms around Tate, holding him real still, as a tortured moan escaped from his lips.
     That’s when Tate realised what Quin was asking. He thought about it. They had never had this problem before, where Quin was stuck inside Tate. As soon as the vampire bite into him Tate’s muscles relaxed and everything spilled out, it was the reason why Quin waited until the last of Tate’s orgasm had dried up before he bit him. Quin really liked the feeling of Tate’s muscles contracting around his swollen shaft.
     Tate squeezed.
     “Oh, Jupiter, don’t,” Quin moaned again, his arms tightening to a point of pain.
     “What’s happening to me?”
     “You’ve gone into heat,” a deep voice said from the edging of the lake. Tate opening his mouth ready to abuse the fuck out of the new guy, but before he could the big man held up his hands, “I didn’t watch, just rocked up to hear you start talking.”
     “That’s meant to make it better,”
     “Babe, please, your killing me,” Quin’s strained voice had Tate looking over his shoulder.
     Tate wasn’t sure what he was meant to do.
     “Just relax; it will all be over soon. Going into heat is just something that happens to all animals, for shifters it’s how we breed.”
     “Shit, you really don’t know anything, do you?” the man settled down on the edge of the pond. Crossed legged and looking at Tate.
     Tate glanced slightly to the side to see how Quin was taking this, but Quin’s face was pushed into Tate’s neck. His lips were mumbling something against his neck. He was completely oblivious to the world around them.
     Tate guessed he should have been lucky he still had senses, even if he couldn’t do anything about it.
     “Shifter breed like our animal counterpart. We go into heat, we get horny as hell, and we fuck. if we are mated we will only feel the heat when our mate is around, if we are not, it’s any unattached feline will do. Our cycles, though are more like human’s we go into heat more often but for a shorter time period. I think ours in like four times a year or something, and it last as long as our first compiling.
     “Well…” the other feline titled his head, “maybe when fucking a male, or even our mate, it only last one coupling, and with females, I’m sure if probably last until they are fertile…no, that can’t be right.”
     Okay, so the man was talking to himself.
     The feline shook his head, “It doesn’t matter, we go into heat, we fuck, and we lock. It’s always like that. We can’t move for nearly half an hour and threw it all the other half is stuck in a sort of orgasmic mess.”
     “But… that doesn’t make sense.”
     “Okay, well, I’m going off experience, here, and I’ve never had sex with a female, so I’m not sure what they do. And I’ve never fucked anyone while going through heat—I think, because they haven’t been females, so…I don’t know, all I know is I crave being fucked, and it’s always like this,” he waved his hand at them. “But, again, that could be ‘cause I’ve never been with another feline before.”
     “So, if you were to fuck another shifter, the other half would still get fucked out.”
     “Yeah,” he grinned, “but more so, you can keep your own bliss for the time too, it’s easy, but you have to let go completely. It’s fucking amazing.”
     Yeah, Tate could agree with that.
     “But how come I’ve never had this before?”
     The guy shrugged, “you have to be sexual active to turn it on.”
     “But...” that can’t be true, because Tate had been sexual active before he’d known what that meant.
     “Having sex and being sexually active are to completely different things,” his voice was very soft, almost to kind to be anything but pity.
     “Who are you?”
     “Taras, I’m a—”
     “Tiger, more specific a Amur tiger.” Tate stated in that dead tone. He’d learnt a lot at the hands of his old masters.
     “Wow, I haven’t been called that in a long time.”
     “Yeah, well,” Tate wanted to shrug, he didn’t really understand what Taras was talking about, what was his tiger normally called. But he didn’t move, he didn’t want to hurt Quin any more than he was now. And the soft massage Quin’s fingers were doing to Tate’s stomach was nice and soothing, along with the nibble of his lips.
     Taras’ smiled, “They normally call me a Siberian tiger. In these parts anyway.”
     “Do they?” had he spoken out loud.
     “Yeah, and I could see the confusion in your face, nothing more.” the large tiger shifter got up. He pulled out a phone, and checked the screen. “I’d say you’re nearly done. So why don’t I scoot.” His face tilted slightly, cheeking the wind, “I don’t smell any threat around here. You should be safe.”
     “Thanks.” Tate soft words were out without a real reason for them. What did have to say thanks for? It wasn’t like he couldn’t have gotten the information when things had settled down. its not like there’s been a treat in the first place. No matter how fucked out Tate was, he’d have noticed that.
     Taras smiled, “No problem, I’ll be seeing you around, Tate.” And off he went, a long loop of arms and legs carried him into the tree line before disappearing.
     Tate tried his hardest to push the conversation aside so that he could forces wholly on his mate, but all he managed was linking his finger of one hand into Quins and mumbling, “I’ll be alright,” into the vampire’s hair.
     Quin moaned in agreement, as his hips rotated around himself Tate; causing an awesome sensation to rock up around him making his cock take note of a predicament, he could take advantage off, if he wasn’t willing.
     Tate smiled, rolling his own hips, as he pushed back into Quin, yeah, he was willing, as soon as his muscle relaxed just a bit, he’d been getting his face planted into that rock in front of him again as Quin took his punishment out of Tate’s willing hid.

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