Friday, 18 December 2015

Guest: Lucy Carey with Carolyn for Christmas

Carolyn for Christmas by Lucy Carey
Published 14th of December 2015
Contemporary “Sweet holiday” Romance
Lesbian ǀ Novella


Christmas. It’s supposed to be a time for peace, love, and goodwill to all men. But not for two women when it comes to nabbing the solo spot in the big Christmas concert. To get that spot, they’ll do whatever it takes…
Carolyn Roche and Saoirse Barrett have known—and hated—each other for a long time. Their lives have been dedicated to one-upping each other. Carolyn has worked hard to shake off her poor roots, landing a top job at a major accountancy firm. Saoirse has worked just as hard to set up her own business in the vain hopes of impressing her tough father.
They’re equally matched in life—and in vocal talent. But neither is willing to let the other woman win.
That is, until they find themselves trapped in their old school, with just a bottle of vodka and their memories for company. There, they discover that the hatred they feel for each other might not be hatred after all…

What Are the Holidays Like in Your Country?

I love finding out about other countries’ traditions and customs, especially when it comes to the holidays.

April's Interlude

So this week is our Christmas edition. Instead of giving you and excerpt of our WIP Bronwyn and I will be talking about our favorite Christmas stories. 

The Boy Who Came in From the Cold by B.G. Thomas is one of my favorites. I like the story because it’s about a selfless act of kindness, which is the really meaning of the holidays as far as I’m concerned.

Fingerprints and Muddy Feet (Cattle Valley Book 30) by Carol Lynne is my second favorite. I love the Cattle Valley series. It’s one of my all-time favorite series. If you’ve read the series than you’ll completely understand.

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