Thursday 7 January 2016

52 Weeks Of Acknowledging Me

This is something new I’m going to try out. It’s not a resolution, not in the way one normally does those sorts of things, but in the idea that this is something that’s needed, that I want to do.
And yeah, okay, it seems very revolutionary but I didn’t even remember you normally made them until a few days ago and this is something that’s been coming for the last couple of months.

I changed my blog and with that means I need to change my line up. But I like my line up and yet… I don’t know, I found that I stopped being me. Or stopped showing me, instead I showed what I was writing full stop.

I want to bring me back.

I’m not sure if this is something you’d actually be interested in but it’s happening regardless.

I have spent a lot of my life never acknowledging the things I’m good at. always focusing on the negative and yeah a lot of people do, and I’m not saying I’m different than anyone else, I’m saying I’m over it.
I’m over going into massive dumps of depression and so this year, resolution like or not, I’m going to work on my mental health as much as I’m able. I hope it works and I’m going to do everything I can to keep that, however shit happens and it’ll be me going through the crapness that will prove how far I’ve come. Only I don’t want crapness around me to be able to prove… oh shit I’m already stuffing this up.

From this week I’m going to make myself sit down and write something good in my life, focusing on Me on how it’s because of me this has happened. How I’ve done this or that. How I’m not a dump shit my mind keeps on telling me I am.

I’m going to, as BJ Thomas did last year, see the silver light in my life and I’m going to make myself acknowledge those facts. This means that these posts may have a very selfish edge to them, but this is the point I think I need to spend one day a week being a little selfish in order to see just how awesome I am.
I’m also not going to hide the crazy. I’m going to speak out a lot more. I’m going to post things people prob don’t give a shit about, but who cares. I’m allowed to.

I’m going to being Me forward and I hope you are able to handle her and to support her—support me.

I am also going to open up for questions, ask me here or on facebook, anything you want to know I will answer (okay, not everything but I will always acknowledge the question and give me reason why I will not answer). Be it about me or about writing, anything, I will make this day a twofer if need be.

Anyway, week one: I AM AN AUTHOR

Published or otherwise I AM AN AUTHOR


More so I am PROUD of myself for being one. I am proud of myself for coming so far in my writing. I am proud of myself for writing what I enjoy doing. I am proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone (tho I am going to try to go further this year).

I am proud of myself, because 10 years ago…15, and I wouldn’t have ever believe this was something I’d be good at. And I am. I’m GOOD at it, and I’m getting better with each book, and I will continue to get better. And that’s awesome, that’s something to BE proud of, and I’m allowed to be.

I’m allowed to be proud of myself

I’m allowed to be. And I’m allowed to shout it at the roof, and I’m allowed to not let people put me down because they don’t think what I write is worth anything. Because it is.


[and for the record this one will probably come up more than once, because it’s the one thing I keep on forgetting]

Now onto you, if you have ANYTHING you’d like to ask me, now’s the time. Ask away, and we’ll see how it works out


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    1. Thank you very much. I find im more willing to accept other people telling me that but bot myself. Its real weird and needs to change