Thursday 4 February 2016

52 weeks of Acknowledging Me

Not a long post this time because I just don’t have the mental power to actually think of something interesting to write about myself.

I’m lost and not in a bad way.

Many if not all author can probably relate to this. My head is so full of the story it’s hard to step away from it to do…anything. Eat, clean, shower, sleep. Every time I’m away from the story I’m thinking of the story. Everything I do is a nuisance because I want to get back to the story. I’m just consumed.

This is a bit of the obsessionness I talk about myself having, and loving. I love getting completely obsessed with a story, it makes it easy to write and easy to get it out quickly because every moment all you want to do is write, which means you do. it’s much harder to find distracted, though they are around.

The best or better part of what I re-writing, as that’s what I’m doing. It’s allowing, yet again, to see just how far I’ve come in my writing and that makes everything a little more easier to deal with.

I’m in a pretty good place right now, hoping it will stay.

On another note, rather than just doing a daily walk for myself I’ve decided to do it with my children. So this week starts our family walks. It’s been fun.

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