Thursday 3 March 2016

New Month

A quick rundown on what happened through February 2016

Published The Way Life Turns with April Kelleyfind out more here

Released two book in January: My Outside My Inside, Outside Sanity and a bundle pack find out more here & then here

Made new pre-made cover art, did a mystery collection, which you can find here

Got half way through my YA novel, which I’m writing under the pen name McGee, you can find more here

That was pretty more it….

Plans for March

I’m going to organise a real newsletter if I can find a company I like, watch space

I’m going to create or redo my website because I’m not sure when that will ever be fixed, I haven’t decided where I’ll do that. if I’ll keep my original one or make a new one – I do own a domain name, both for myself and the company (which I’m hoping we will get in the next month or two. But might been looking at an outside of 6 months).

The site will be but I’ll tell you when it’s ready – you’ll also be getting the newsletter from over that side. 

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