Friday, 25 March 2016

Randomness Friday

Welcome to the 2nd BonyDee Challenge. Last time we took a simple prologue and used it to see what April and I can come up with. This time we are expanding the idea. Or maybe more the books, as instead of 1 books we’ll be doing 4.

Topic: Celtic Holiday’s

We have chosen 4 out of the 8 holidays because, well it’s a challenge we want to see what two authors do with the same research and you can’t really do that unless they use the same points. So they are going with:

northern hemisphere
southern hemisphere
1 May (May Day)
1 November
1 February
1 August
Lammas / Lughnasadh
1 August
1 February
1 November
1 May

This will mean that there not quite opposite to each other, it’s actually a little confusing, lol.

1.      Word count: 20,000
2.      Paranormal romance
3.      Series:
o   Each book must have a separate couple from the book before it
o   Each couple must be connect to each other
o   Each couple must be in each book(s) that follows
4.      Must focus on the holiday the book represents
5.      Doesn’t have to be Celtic in nature

Each book will be published to coincide with the holiday date, to a point

Release dates: (look above for which book will be)
Book 1: 31st November 2016
Book 2: 1 February 2017
Book 3: 1 May 2017
Book 4: 1 August 2017

we will be doing research on this though out the next couple of months which we will be using this day to do that on. show you interesting tidbits, what our thoughts are and where we are thinking of heading as a story. we hope you'll join us on this adventure
and like always, please go and check out April's post (tho this week it's basically the same as mine) 

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