Friday 1 April 2016

Randomness Friday

April Kelley and I are starting something different, instead of blog swapping we will be answering questions along with sharing bits of our research into 2nd BonyDee Press challenge.

Please, after reading below, go and check out April’s Post

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First thoughts?

Ok so technically this was our first thought up challenge, as…well…anyway. April had this great idea to so the solstice. I think it was around Halloween last year and could have come from the fact that I was wondering, loudly, if Halloween would still be what the world see it on my end. because, well, it’s not Samhain ion the southern hemisphere, which is also why Halloween will never be as big as they wish it would be as for us, it’s Beltane, which isn’t all that different and yet it is.

Anyway, she thought, how great would it be if we did that? If we took the solstice and did them in how they were for our own cultures. And of course I thought that was an awesome idea. Cause really who doesn’t want to research the solstice’s? But first we needed to do what is now seen as our first challenge (with a special watch-this-space, added to it)

Fast forward to now and we realised the solstice wasn’t really what we wanted, what we were looking for. Which had a different set of problems, lol.

Here’s the thing, we might work BonyDee as if we aren’t the two people working it but we are, how we set up challenges is set very much how things would work better of us.

So where the sun sits which is what the solstice really is so we went further out. We didn’t want to hit too hard on the Wiccan side of things “Wheel of the Year”, this is mostly because we aren’t in that lifestyle (and I’m not sure if that’s right either so my apologies) and we don’t want to offend anyone. We also didn’t want to be so…I’m not sure what word I’m looking for, but we wanted to be able to be creative and not have the same idea done twice especially as we are doing the same 4 holidays.

Then we hit Celtic holidays and walla, we had our challenge.

I’m excited to do the research. I’ve done a lot before but not really the same. Celtic is my heritage (my grandfather’s family traces back to Celtic, it’s why I have my pikkie ears). so there that, saying this tho, and it’s not what I’m getting into this week, I don’t know if any of my myths or holidays I’m using will actually be traced full Irish Celtic. However, I don’t know this for sure. I’ve only really looked up one part that I really liked and have come to the series plot with. As well as another one that I’ve excitedly wanted to write about ever since I read about them.

But all that next week.


The Way Life Turns by April Kelley & Bronwyn Heeley
(A BonyDee Press Challenge)
Contemporary Romance

What happens when two men are in very different places in their relationship?

Almost from the start of their relationship, Jonah was in love with Scott. Scott doesn’t share that same sentiment. Jonah finds out exact how Scott feels about him the hard way, when he sees Scott in a compromising position with someone else. How they react becomes the challenge two authors have set out to solve. Will there be forgiveness or misery as Jonah reacts to what Scott has done?

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