Saturday 10 September 2016

Read Last Week

The week before last I Read The Moon by Sean Michael, which I have apparently read already but honestly can’t remember it, not even when I was reading it did I get the sense that I had before. Which sucks because it’s actually a really great little paranormal romance. I guess the only good thing in the whole ordeal was what I thought the same back then as I did now. also now I’ve got the beautiful new cover

I also read Read Bulletproof Pup (Wolves of New Haven #10) by Angelique Voisen, which was everything it was meant to be. I could have wished for me, a conclusion of sorts and even though I would like to know what happened, I didn’t come away from the whole experience disappointed in what I read. It also probably would have helped if book 10 hadn’t been my first book, tho again it wasn’t hard to catch up.

After this I bought the first two book, I couldn’t help it. Sugar-free Beta was…the characterisation was bad, they’d both say one thing and then be something else completely, and that just didn’t sit right, but it was the first in the series so you can let that happen, though I’m not sure if I’d have kept on reading if this had been the first one I’d read (does that make sense) but honestly I normally never buy book 1 in a series without buying 2 or 3 together so I’ll kept on going. Or at least I do when it comes to these types of stories.
Vega-licous Omega was a bit better, it made more sense to half the characterisation from book 1 but I ended up getting confuses about the idea of the wolves. However by the end of it I was invested in the series and wanting to know how the rest of the books went.
I’d say overall the series had a mindless half-hour quality to them, and easy writing makes that possible. So…well next week I’ll probably let you know how the rest of the series is like

  Re-Read was something different this week, mostly because I was sick, I think, but I ended up reading both Graceling and Fire by Kristin Cashore

beta read I’ve done 2 reads from Jo Tannah this week, it was interesting, and sweet as all her other romance stories. It also was a great inside to another culture. Its def something to look forward to


Liquid Crimson, Blood Trinity, Crimson Moon & Royal Blood by Carol Lynne
Sugar-free Beta, Vegan-licious Omega & Bulletproof Pup (Wolves of New Haven) by Angelique Voisen
Pushing the Envelope by Kim Dare
Wild Retaliation (Seaside Shifters) by Ethan Stone
The Real You (Wardens of the Guild) by NJ Nielsen
Taboo by Jo Tannah
Pack Mates by Sean Michael and Julia Talbot
Spirit (shifter Rescue) by Sean Michael

Dance with Me by Heidi Cullinan

Hope you are liking my new weekly rundown, if you want to know more, or have suggestions on how I could improve, please let me know
* What I bought this week and read

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