Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Indigo Tour: Guest Lor Rose with Freeing Pain: Annex

Smash it with a hammer!

While writing Annex I faced some of my worst writer’s block ever. My normal tricks weren’t working:

1.      Work on something else to free up my mind: yeah right
2.      Color something pretty to forget about it: ha!
3.      Spend time with my interrupting cats: meh
4.      Procrastinate by playing my favorite games: shesh
5.      Talk it over with my sounding board: not happening
6.      Ride my horse on a nice relaxing trail ride: nope
7.      Take the dog to the dog park: sure
8.      Clean: bah
9.      Shop: by this point I forget that I hate shopping
10.  Have sex: book? There’s a book?

By method number ten I was honestly starting to panic a little. One or a combination of these things had always helped me in the past. What was I doing wrong? Why weren’t my methods working! Why? Why! Why?!

I was doomed. Readers wanted this book. They’d been waiting for a long time. No more waiting!

Then it hit me.

I was stressing out about getting this thing done. Why? Because people had been waiting so long for this book. Once I calmed down and took a big breath writing Annex became a little easier (with Kash’s help of course).

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