Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Indigo Tour: Guest Lor Rose with Freeing Pain: Annex

Smash it with a hammer!

While writing Annex I faced some of my worst writer’s block ever. My normal tricks weren’t working:

1.      Work on something else to free up my mind: yeah right
2.      Color something pretty to forget about it: ha!
3.      Spend time with my interrupting cats: meh
4.      Procrastinate by playing my favorite games: shesh
5.      Talk it over with my sounding board: not happening
6.      Ride my horse on a nice relaxing trail ride: nope
7.      Take the dog to the dog park: sure
8.      Clean: bah
9.      Shop: by this point I forget that I hate shopping
10.  Have sex: book? There’s a book?

By method number ten I was honestly starting to panic a little. One or a combination of these things had always helped me in the past. What was I doing wrong? Why weren’t my methods working! Why? Why! Why?!

I was doomed. Readers wanted this book. They’d been waiting for a long time. No more waiting!

Then it hit me.

I was stressing out about getting this thing done. Why? Because people had been waiting so long for this book. Once I calmed down and took a big breath writing Annex became a little easier (with Kash’s help of course).

If you’d like to learn more about Freeing Pain: Annex visit my website ( for my next stop on this tour.

Freeing Pain: Annex by Lor Rose
(Freeing #1)
Published 7th of April 2016 via Thirteen Below Press
Cover Artist: Jay Asher
Words: 38,580 (66 pages) ǀ heat Level 4
Paranormal Romance

Jude Kash’s life was filled with abused animals and too little sleep. His work at the We Are One Foundation brought him his new devil-dog Teddy Bear and his new obsession: an abused liger named Sampson.
Sampson suffered from poor living conditions and threats with a gun. Jude, or Kash to his friends, witnessed it first hand when he snuck onto Whitman’s, Sampson’s owner’s, property. When Kash and others from the We Are One Foundation finally make a plan to rescue poor Sampson things go terribly wrong.
When Kash finally regains consciousness he awoke to a very handsome and naked man taking care of him. Kash felt a connection with the man he couldn’t explain. The man introduced himself as Maj and explained everything except for one small detail of his life: he was Sampson, a liger shifter.
Kash took the news considerably well except for one problem... that detail wasn’t so small, in fact, it could cost Kash his life.



Rafflecopter Prize: One winner will be selected to win an eBook copy of Freeing Pain: Annex


Lor is a snarky, over the top genderfluid polyamorous demipansexual with dark hair and pink highlights. Although, sometimes the color varies. She is almost constantly fighting with her muse, Animus, or referring the fights between Animus and Epicene, her other muse. Lor started reading very questionable M/M fanfiction at a very young age in the closet. Literally. Though that didn’t stop her from getting caught once or twice. This early love of things M/M sparked her writing career. Without a doubt, her Christian high school English teacher Mrs. B didn’t expect Lor to fall into the M/M genre. Mrs. B did know Lor would be a writer someday because when the class had a minimum, Lor had a maximum. It truly was unfair.

Besides writing, Lor may also be found with one of her two horses, the Chihuahua or her cat. Any un-caught typos are courtesy of the cat, who shoves Lor’s things out of the way when it’s her time for cuddles or playtime… Which is about every ten minutes.

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5/13 - Molly Lolly

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