Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Happy Birthday to Me ǀ Day 2

At the end you will find the information needed for the giveaway

Tick Tock
Tim and Colin from Forever With My Werewolf

“You know I’ve not really gotten over Christmas yet.” Tim spoke as he carefully walked his way down the hallway, a blindfold over his eyes putting him at the mercy of his mate, Colin. He gripped his hand tightly around those strong fingers, and tried his hardest to remember that there was nothing to worry about.
Nothing to worry about.
Sweat pulled up on his body. He started to shake, really shake, as tears leaked out of his eyes.
They stopped and Colin’s fingers came up to the blindfold.
“No. No. I’m fine, I can do this.”
“No you can’t.” Colin’s voice was soft, barely there. As arm rushed against his heated face before it was pushed into the fur of Colin’s chest. “There’s no shame, especially after what you’ve been through.”
“But no one’s allowed to know.” He pushed down the urge to cry. He didn’t want to feel this way. Didn’t want to deal with it.
“No problem.” He whispered, lifting Tim’s face up so they could lock gazes. Tim took a breath as Colin slowly leant down, so slow, pacing himself—savouring.
Lips brushed his. A soft brush that Tim pushed up into, wanting more even when he knew Colin wouldn’t give it to him. They’d been through this dance before. Every time Tim reacted badly from his time with the kidnappers.
He so wished he could have been normal. That he could just let it all wash off him.
“Come on,” Colin spoke against Tim’s lips before turning Tim around and putting his hands over his eyes.
Pink light was all Tim saw through the gaps of his fingers, along with the smell of his lover, making he relax which he was still blindfolded. The heat of Colin’s body warmed him up and made him feel save and sounds and his heart to beat in a different way. He knew what was behind the door, understood the surprise, that clearly something was happening which made his excited, though he would be happy if he’d walked in the next door just to see his family and friends were there to celebrate him.
The door was pushed open by Colin’s foot, Tim knew because he felt it as he moved around him.
Oh. Oh. Wow. His smiled hurt his face as it widened.