Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Happy Birthday to Me ǀ Day 8

At the end you will find the information needed for the giveaway

Adam and Justin from Protecting My Werewolf

“Adam?” Justin asked, shocked at the bright stain of blush against his lovers cheeks and the strain in his pants.
“Yeah?” he looked dazed.
Justin got up, walking over to Adam, hand up waiting for him to get into his arms. “What happened?” he asked Adam squirmed in this grip, his hips knocked against Justin’s. Someone was horny.
“Geez get a room Adam.” One of the others guys said making the rest chuckle.
Adam moaned against his neck, sucking up a mark.
“Come on, then, let’s get that room they speak of.”
Justin chuckled as he started walking his lover towards the stairs. Kissing him and scrapping against the wall as they went. “Really what’s gotten into you?”
“Huh.” Huh.
“Had to help him… oh god, I don’t even understand, he was all tied to a bed. Don’t know why it’s made me so hot.”
“Would it be the fact that he’s about to have sex. Or you want me to tie you up.”
“No ropes.” He panted. “Can’t stand… oh god, room now.” He took off, his shirt coming off before he hit the door and then Justin chuckled as he watched him battle his shoes and pants.
“So it was knowing he was about to be fucked that’s gotten you all hot.”
“Maybe.” He mumbled as he pulled Justin’s top off him and then pushed him onto the bed, attacking his pants. “You want your shoes off you better hurry.”
Justin laughed as he toed off his shoes. “You wanna tie me up?”
“No,” he panted, climbing onto of Justin. “Just wanna fuck.”
“Works for me.” He chuckled right up until he moaned as Adam lathered him in lube and sat down on him. Fuck his mate was hot.