Sunday, 19 June 2016

Happy Birthday to Me ǀ Day 13

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A Special Day
Mike & Coi from My Outside My Inside

“Hey I believe its my birthday today.” Mike exclaimed, excited in a way he’d not been in a long time, and yet it was like every other year this time came alone. A nod at the acknowledgment of a day without a need for much more. Maybe an acknowledgment of what he’d come to realise.
“Yeah, you know a celebration of your birth.”
“I still don’t understand.” Which Mike could believe, the alien looked completely confused.
“You were born right?”
“Of course.” Like Mike was the crazy one. He shook his head at the idea.
“Well, that’s your birthday.”
“Why….” He shook his head. “I still don’t…”
Mike laughed softly, shaking his head with the movement. “It’s probably a human thing.”
“Yeah, you guys do—”
“Be careful, buddy,” Mike poked his big lug in the arm, hurting his fingers on the hard skin covering his mate. “You don’t wanna know another human thing—the doghouse.”
Coi’s eyebrows crunched together.
“Trust me, big guy, you don’t wanna know. Just smile, tell me ‘happy birthday’ and kiss me.”
“Okay.” Still confused but Coi smiled around it as he wrapped his arms around Mike, bringing him closer. “Happy birthday.”
His kisses still made Mike hard.