Friday 2 March 2012

Book Chat: Insiders Guides #1

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The Black Dagger Brotherhood an insider’s Guide
Pub: 2008, Piatkus
Author: J. R. Ward
Cat:paranormal romance
Format: paperback (mid); 502pp
Age Range: adults                                            

            The back says
From New York Times bestselling author J. R. Ward comes a unique volume that delivers a behind-the-scenes look at Ward’s addictive Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

Prepare to enter the dark, passionate world of the Black Dagger Brotherhood and get up close and personal with each of the Brothers. You’ll find insider information on the Brotherhood, interviews with your favourite characters and deleted scenes, as well as answers to questions about the series posed by readers. You’ll learn what it’s like for J. R. Ward to write each instalment of the series and, in a fascinating twist, you’ll read an interview with the author—conducted by the Brothers themselves.

This is a compendium no Black Dagger Brotherhood fan should miss.

Dark Lover, Lover Eternal, Lover Awakened, Lover Revealed, Lover Unbound, lover Enshrined, [tb], Lover Avenged, Lover Mine, Lover Unleashed, Lover Reborn,

     The things
I got this book solely for the Novella. Really, it intrigued me when I found out it existed. Really, I mean this. Truly.
And in a lot of ways it was everything it was meant to be, everything that I hoped it would be, only it really showed you Bella, and once you had that second look at her you saw what a selfish bitch she really is, and once you see it in this book, you see it in the first one. She doesn’t truly care about Z not the way everyone says she does, she cares about herself and wants him to fix everything or it’s his fault even though she knows what he’s been through. Maybe not the details, but she knows it was horrid.
Okay, so this is truly my thoughts, and it’s what I see, but that’s the thoughts, and these are about mine, so...*stick tongue out*

Okay, so what’s in this delightful book, and why it’s actually a great one to get (but you must be a fan first, I think, don’t waste the money unless you truly want to know this, or read it)

        I.            Father Mine: a Novella of Zsadist and Bella and Nalla  
      II.            The Brotherhood Dossiers: Insider Info on Each Brother and His Book      
    III.           For Writers: Writing Tips, Advice, and the Original Proposal for the Brotherhood      
   IV.            Deleted scenes                                                                                             
     V.            Kicks and Giggles                 
   VI.            The Brothers on the Board
 VII.            Slices of Life from the Board
VIII.            Question and Answer with J. R
    IX.            Time Line of the Brotherhood
      X.            Table of Abbreviations
    XI.            The Old Language
  XII.            The Brothers Interview J. R
XIII.            In Memoriam

Okay, so there you have it, what’s in the book.
Now let’s talk about it a little shall we...
The first is simple done; it’s a lovely story—really beautiful. I actually loved it. It was beautiful and really showed the trouble he has with his past and his daughter. It also shows how he really got better, which is something you see in the books to come.

Next, this part is actually really good. I liked it, I liked knowing that little bit extra and the parts that she liked best, and the whys for them all. The interviews with them, was great too, really, this part was a great step inside the brotherhood and the way they are when they aren’t dealing life.

Um, I didn’t read this part. I tried but a page into it, I found I just didn’t care about that stuff, though I know it would be great for people who want to learn how to write, I on the other hand don’t write like she does and so I don’t need her feedback—a little high headed but I did try and found what I was reading that I needed I already did and the other stuff was so not me it just didn’t work.

This part is good and it’s great to see what type of stuff doesn’t make it, and for the most part you can actually see why.

It’s all about her favourite lines/parts. Interesting yeah, funny, but if you’re truly a fan you already have all these things playing in your head every time you think about the book. Really, they are good parts.

This part is hilarious. But I have this thing that it’s also very pointed. And there are parts though they seem to be meant to have you thinking without you ever able to ever know the answer. Though you might, I don’t know what happens when they actually get on the boards. It’s great and makes you laugh and have fun right along with them.

These are great too; really I liked them, though I read all of them on her web site rather than this being the first time, so even though I re-read them they weren’t as good as the first time round.

Well, you can guess right. And it’s interesting if they are the answers you have yourself, and some are, I suppose.

Again, this is interesting to see where they all actually sit.
Well, it’s an interview without herself, isn’t it. Though I did like it, since she’s very good at making her characters seem real. Like you are that fly on the wall of their lives, which at the end of it all is the reason I like the series so much.
And as long as you enjoy as something to be enjoyed and don’t look for anything you can to bitch about it, which there are quite a lot. Really, if you have want to see the bad stuff you will, but I bet you can’t stop reading it??!

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