Saturday 3 March 2012

In Motion 2.0

Starting Paragraph: Kore looked down at the child that represented everything she hated. One, being trapped in hell with a man that kidnapped her, the other the man that fathered this child.

Okay, so as you know, I have a new one for you, we start with the series, but more so....

This World That World
Warrior Brethren series, book 1
Body of Darkness
Intro Info: This is an adult paranormal romance series that will start off with a Prequel (Summer Beauty), with a starting trilogy (Body of Darkness, Destiny’s Hands & Betrayal and War) with 2 more to come and one novella, but they are all after the trilogy is done.

At the moment, I’m halfway through writing the Prequel, and I’m going to finish that while writing book one and two, both of them working at the same time, or at least one write after the other.
This particular series idea came from this—wait! Wait. I have already gone over this shit enough, if you want to know click here.

Prequel, already I’ve written 16 pages with a word count of 11,373
Book one, already I’ve written 34 chapters (this includes a prologue), 13 pages, word count 7,908.

What I did this week: this week....
Shit’s it’s been a bad one, especially when it came to my writing my books. More so because I was waiting impatiently for a book(s) to arrive in the mail
I did however....:
·         27/Feb: wrote 2 pages in Bye Roman. Love Julius. Mostly because it was there in my head, a way to have them...a way that it all sorta made sense, and once I got a point I had the other personality in my head that I needed to start to see if that fit. I’m not so sure so I think it might change. We’ll see. It all matters when I get down thinking of this in perspective of how I know the end will turn out. but’s a work in progress and these stories sorta take a long time for me to write because of the head space I need to have them in and so therefore will have to put myself into.

·         28/2: I took out 956 words which is unfortunately the only sex scene that I have written for this book so far, but then I couldn’t keep it in. it just...I don’t know, but the way I’ve been thinking, the people I’m working with, the story I’m trying to tell, it just didn’t need to be put in. it will actually make much more sense, will have more tension threw the book and have something to actually flashback on, because I hate flashbacking on shit that’s actually been written, not even in... anyway, this shit, though it matters, doesn’t really, not when you really think about it. it just means that there won’t be a real full-blown sex scene for the majority of the book, but if I have it my way—if it works out the way I want it to, then I should be able to hold up a snap cord of tension threw most of the book and have that first feel fucking along with one that will actually be remember, because that’s what I was really facing, not that it’s any of your—wait, it is, I just don’t want to tell you everything that happens threw the book, not just yet anyway.
As it stands now, I’ve less than I’ve started out with, with 6,953 words.
By the way, I think you should now, I actually write these as the week goes along. Yeah, I think I said that I did an overhaul of what I wrote at the end of the week, but I don’t. I write day to day, because sometime (okay, most) I need to vent; I need to talk about what I did so that I can forget about it.

·         29/2: I’m researching today. Yeah, actually its a little fun, since I can only research stuff I truly want to know, if I don’t, I don’t ever find nearly as much.

Erh...research sucks. The worst thing is that I’m not even researching anything that great, or really, maybe it’s better than all that other crap.
I’m researching sex. Yeah, you think it would be okay, watching, shifting threw graphic pic’s and all that. But that’s not what I’m reading; it’s not what I’m going through. Pathetic as it is, or maybe it’s not, what do I know. I’m reading up on it all. like really, my physical nature of sex is my own, it’s plain Jane, but I don’t need much—and even more, you don’t need to know what I’m doing in my own bed. I read somewhere that it’s something you should do if you’re wanting to write sex scenes, and I do. Also the characters I have, the ones that are coming, aren’t so much into nothing sex, into plan crap, the stuff that....
Anyway, you don’t really need to know this crap, really, you don’t.

Anyway, so I’ve spent the last couple of days looking up sex and all that’s involved, and this isn’t just the acts, I have looked into erotic spots, play, toys, furniture.
Yeah, it all.
Honestly there is some stuff out there that I really didn’t need to know. it wasn’t the act, I don’t care who, what or how you fuck, that’s your buzz and it’s no one else that yours. I mean the actual body functions, the....yeah, there were some toys I could have gone my whole life without ever knowing how they fully worked, and yet know I do, I’m sure your going to learn about them too, not that you will the same way I did, mostly because I will be writing in the view of another,
---wait! I think I need to be more specific. I’m not doing a google search on any of this shit. I’m not watching porn or any of that crap, I’m reading up on the micanics of sex, the ins and out, the way things are put together, the way things are made to give us pleasure, not the pleasure being given---

Ending paragraph: Taking a deep breath she wanted to tell him to go away but her brain wasn’t connecting with her mouth.
      “I’m not going anywhere. Let me in, or I’ll break the door down!”

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