Thursday 3 May 2012

Book Chat: Series or Trilogies in Full # 2

Where I talk about a series or trilogy as a full rather than individually

Prod dets
Series: Wicked Lovely
Individual books: Wicked Lovely, Ink Exchange, Fragile Eternity, Radiant Shadows and Darkest Mercy
Pub between:  2007—2011, HarperCollin USA teen
Author: Melissa Marr
Genre: fiction (fairies)
How many I read: 4
Age Range: YA                                                 

 First book
Aislinn has always seen faeries. Powerful and dangerous, they walk hidden in the mortal world.
One of them, a beautiful faery boy named Keenan, is trying to talk to her, asking questions Aislinn is afraid to answer.

Now it’s too late, Keenan is the Summer King and is determined that Aislinn will become the Summer Queen at any cost. Without her, summer itself will perish...

Individual books
Okay, so it’s been awhile since I read the series, so I may get a bit of the facts wrong, and what I’m remembering is mostly the shit that was remember able to me.

Book 1—was introduction into the series and the characters; it was interesting and made you fall instantly in love with both Aislinn and Seth. You want them to be together to pass what they must. But the world is calling Aislinn and she’s helpless to keep away.
Book 2—is about one of Aislinn’s friends and is odd, real good, it was the book that kicked off the series for me big time, as I became a fan of the Dark Court.
It’s about blood exchange magic and a female that get into more than she can take. But it’s sweet, even when you think it shouldn’t be, because of the love bond that binds her to two males that are already bonded in a way that we don’t really get to learn about (though I’m never really sure why of this).
Book 3—is about Seth’s need to be more for Aislinn as he fears she’s not going to want him if he’s to stay as he does. Now, the way he goes about it all isn’t the best and if you were less of a fan of Seth’s and more for Aislinn then you would see it in this light but as it is....I’m a Seth fan and I like what he did, and think he’s a perfect person to become what he does.
Book 4—MY FAV and is awesome, it’s about two people who want something more from life then they will ever get where they are. And both of them bring that out and help create that in each other throughout the book. And I’m a fan, this book rocks. I wish I still had it; just talking about it makes me want to read it again.
Book 5—I didn’t read. There was too much of a time lapse and I was completely over the series by the time it came around and onto something so much better. (This is where I tell you I’m not a great fan of fairy shit). I do know that it’s about the finally battle and what I’ve read and learnt about it, it’s done well.

The series plot
It’s about the downfall of one of the first Sister of the fairy world and a change in the starcher in all the courts.
I think, but, I don’t think it’s fair in any way for me to talk about this considering I never concluded the series, so what do I truly know.
I know that Marr wives her characters and worlds greatly, that everything linked and twined and waived even when we weren’t reading about them, and that was great. I liked that people where in love who couldn’t be in love and I know that they all end up together at the end of the series.
What I’ve heard is that it was done well, and as far as I could tell it didn’t have anything left to question, which is what you want in a series like this.

Fav book and/or part
Radiant Shadow—I’ve said it before, I loved this book, it’s an all time fav, or at least up there!!!

I really like Seth him as a character, him as a person and all the parts that were solely cantered on him, really threw the whole series I liked.
Along a little with the Dark King and his court. 

Any whys
This was the series, that even though I tolerated and even liked most of the stories, I’s the series that showed me that I don’t particularly like the whole fairy concept not in the way that I think I should for any type of review of even this really. I don’t fell either way about the whole series, nor the individual.
This was one of my first series, right up there with Evernight, and it just never clicked with me in a way that I could call myself a fan, but I liked it, and I have actually recommended it, and later gave it to me niece because it’s something she could like.

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