Saturday 28 July 2012

Adults Corner #1

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers.

Fast Loving
[This was one of my first sex scenes that I wrote. It’s a male/male scene that’s has no relations to anything else that I wrote. just a 'see if I could' one. 
A Warning that this has not been edited, had any one check it for grammar mistakes or even read threw by me more than once]

The door clicked shut as Mark slowly turned around, his breath stopped as he looked at the hottest being he had ever seen. James was a fine man, all strait lines and hard muscles, and if it wasn’t for the fact that they had been in a heated affair for the last three months, Mark would have called him straight. As it was he and his wife were swingers, and James bi, liking males more than both him and his wife had known about until the parties.
     It was there that Mark and his wife had first meet James. They had both been more into watching their wives fuck other men. All four of them quickly became friends and from that an affair that was becoming something of hot wild acts of love when ever him or James could manage. And it worked perfectly for the both of them. Loving their wives they had no real intent of leaving, but needing a release, there affair was only secret because they were too afraid to spill it yet.
     “What took you so long?” James joked as he walked closer to Mark, slowly, seductively.
     Marks breath hit another notch as he felt the hard heat of the other man in front of him. “You know this and that,” he breathed, trying for a voice that sound as if nothing matter, but he couldn’t, his cock was already punching at his fly, already seeking the feel of the man in front of him. His hands itched, clenched the door nob that he had yet to let go of.
     As the line of James body, dressed in dark purple and black button down top, with black slacks, they were noise to noise, leaning forward James lightly brushed his lips against Mark’s.
     And that was it; Mark used his thumb to click the button lock on, the other grabbing the man’s neck and pulling him in for a closer kiss. Both tongues dulled as James fingers came up under his blue dress shirt to grip his hips, before running his hands across Marks stomach and then, with what seemed to Mark as shaking hands, undid the button on his slacks and then zipping down the fly so that Marks harder then steel erection sprung free.
     A long caress of James calloused hands sent a shudder up Marks back, his lips left James and his head fell back, a deep sigh left his lips before James chuckled and dropped to his knees.
     James was very much the man, very much needed to control, and being that he knew exactly what he wanted, needed, Mark was happy to play along.
     “Fuck,” Mark breathed out his head hitting the door behind him as the heat and wetness of James talented mouth went to work on his hard length. Mary, James wife, was always going on about the talent of that said mouth, and she had been right, there wasn’t anything that felt as good as the wetness, the head, the tight sucks and scrapping of teeth, Janis (Mark’s wife) was good at sucking Marks cock, but he had taught her what he liked. James gave him something he hadn’t even known he’d wanted, and still he wouldn’t get anyone else to do it.
     The man’s mouth was hard, rough, were as his wife’s was soft, just the same as with the body.
     Hands gripping soft short hair made Mark look down to find himself to close to losing it. “If you want something more from me, you’re gonna have to stop.” His breath was panted, close to a whisper and that one sentence had taken a lot to get out, it wasn’t smooth.
     To close, he was way too close to losing it.   
     James mutter a deep pleased chuckle as he got himself of the floor and undid his own pants as he walked away from Mark and closer to a desk that sat on the other side of the room.
     Sweeping his hand so that all the objects were either on the floor or pushed to one side, James dropped his pants, letting them pool at his feet and looked over his shoulder at Mark.
     Mark gulped at the heat, the realization and before he thought, was walking across the room to put his hands on James, running a hard palm down James’ back, feeling all the hard muscle move in pleasure ‘cause of the action.
     Hands slapped on the desk as James lose all means of care. He may have liked to stay in control but he also liked it taken from him. And pain, something Mark couldn’t stand. So Mark was always the giver and James the taker.
     Running his hands over the males, perfect ass, like seriously Mark could never get over the fact that this man was so absolutely perfect. His skin was hot as Mark pushed him a little further forward, and stood so his cock rested along the line of James, a shudder worked threw them both as they paused for a second to take in the sensation.
     “You got…” Mark panted.
     “Yeah,” James said moving his body up the table so that he could open a draw and pull out a condom and lube. Coming back down the desk he turned to sit of the desk.
     Legs opened boxing Mark in James unwrapped and rolled on the condom before opening the lube, squeezing a line along the hard line of Mark he put the container off to the side and started to grab for Marks dick.
     “No,” Mark said as he pulled James up and turned him around.
     Once James was back with his chest on his desk, his hips ready for Mark, fisting his cock at the sight of his man on that desk, he spread the lube up and down before leaning into James.
     “You ready?” Mark gritted out as he ran his lubed fingers around James anus, letting the tip run inside slightly, followed shortly after by head of his cock slightly pushing into the tight hole of James ass.
     “Yeah,” James breath, shuddered. Mark started to move closer, pushing himself into the tight hole of James. Once inside he paused, taking in the tight pulsing feel of the man around him, feeling pride in the moan of bliss that left James’ mouth as his hands grabbed onto the edge of the table.
     And then like always, James body started to move, he didn’t want to wait, wanted everything to go, now!
     Mark let James work as his body held him tight, though the strokes became easier, faster, and the lube worked its magic.  
     “fuck,” Mark breathed out as he couldn’t take it anymore, he gripped one hand on James hip, holding him still and started pushing and pulling into James, fast and hard, like he knew the man wanted, he worked his hips until he felt the tightening of his muscles, the tingle at the base of his spine, the signs that he was close.
     Reaching around the other man, pushing himself even deeper, angling in a way that made James moaned loud and low, he ran his hands around James hips, a soft caress of what he could get to of James stomach and them back down until he could grab the other man’s cock. The hand that still gripped his hip pulled the lower part off the table so his hand could glide smoothly up and down James’ hard long cock, the man was very well off, another reason he couldn’t do anal.
     Stroking, as fast as his cock was entering the other man, he squeezed, pulsed, and generally did anything he could to bring the orgasm on soon. But it didn’t happen, panting gasping, more moans, Mark felt as if he was about to blow, but he couldn’t, not yet, not now.
     Shifting down he grabbed the man’s balls, rolled the tight skin in his fingers, scrapped the sensitive soft skin between them and where they were joined and then back up his shaft, tightening his hand so that the tip of James cock had a fight to be free, the other man blew, with a smothered roar. Mark shifted his body, took a pull from the shuddering James and then slammed himself home letting his own body released in a blinding pulse.
     As he’s mind came back to earth he was laying, slumped on James back, the man breathing as hard and relaxed as his own.
     Taking a huge breath of the male smell that was James, Mark got up. He was already out of the man, so he pulled off the condom and went over to drop it into the bin. When he looked back into the room, James was standing, pulling up his pants enough for them to be on him and not get messed, he walked around the desk to get a cloth out of his draw.
     “Well mate, how was that for you?” James asked with a smile on his face, but Mark could see that he actually cared what Mark thought.
     Mark grinned, “Great, and for you?”
     James just smiled, a smile, which made pride fill Mark chest. He had done a good job. Fuck yeah!
This is the work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are solely the product of the author’s imagination and/or are used fictitiously.

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