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REVIEW, Devlin & Garrick by Cameron Dane

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Devlin & Garrick
Series: Seeking Redemption, # 2
Pub: 2011,
Author: Cameron Dane
Genre: contemporary erotic romance
Format: paperback (lar); 375pp w/ 16 chapters
Whose: Devlin & Gradyn
Age Range: adult

Devlin Morgan and Gradyn Connell have one thing on their minds when they meet in a bar one Friday night in San Francisco. One good, hard fuck.

One explosive encounter in Devlin’s motel room is the plan. Only, it turns out one hot fuck isn’t enough for either man. Dinner afterward leads to another round in bed, and what follows is a weekend together that stirs more emotions than either Devlin or Gradyn ever expected to feel.

Fast forward five years. Devlin has never forgotten Gradyn but he had moved on with his life. That is, until he walks into his sister’s workplace and comes face to face with the man from his wild weekend in San Francisco. Except, this man has a new name to go along with a new face and body. And the biggest kick in Devlin’s gut? This Garrick Langley person pretends he doesn’t know Devlin at all.

No fucking way. Devlin wants answers. He won’t stop digging until he gets them.

Okay....this was one of those books that made me realise why I don’t like reading contemporary that isn’t erotica. Man it was long. Maybe no more than any other books and I love every part of the book, I can’t remember having any faults when I put the book down (it’s been a night, day and reading of another book between then and this) but it was long. I had to put the thing down three times because my eyes were crossing from reading it.

But man....
The story was pretty much about these two guys who fell in love over a weekend fuck and flee (translation: one night stand or tryst). It started with Devlin sitting with his sister remembering a bit of that time, not much, and it went on to...
Well, it was a backwards and forwards thing.
He was in the present, thinking about the past type of thing. and that happened the whole way threw, that made up the erotica side of this story, because until the end of the book, the end of the story about their weekend they didn’t really say more than two words to one another.

Dane did well with the fact that Garrick, formally called..., with the way of his past and his reasons for running were played out. you didn’t really know, there were hints, but then you could be wrong, until he laid himself open for Devlin, which was nice, I liked that front of seat feel, though it wasn’t something that really matter, because you kind knew as well.
I don’t know, I’m not doing a good job at this am I? no.

Hell, I’m not really sure what I think about the book, and I’ve been giving it some thought which is why it’s taken me so long to get it down, but it’s a book that’s thicker than it’s pages and yet it wasn’t emotionally draining on you, which was nice, but then that meant that you didn’t quite care enough about them in the first place, that’s why it seemed too long.
There’s just so much. But I actually liked the consent backwards and forwards in this book, which isn’t something that happens a lot. I think Dane put them in all the right places along with the fact that every time they went into the past it was hug chucks and time didn’t stop. They were always brought back because of something in the real world—like, let’s say, falling forward in your car and hitting the horn.

I liked the story line. I liked the two main characters I thought they were done well and made you interested in what happened next and how they would end up together. But at the end of the day, was I pulled in enough that I couldn’t have put it down and walked away??!
I’m not sure. Though I read it all, and that shows something, since I can’t if I don’t want answers or understandings. I don’t read a book ‘cause it’s in front of me, I read it because it’s pulling me in and interesting. I read books for me.

But I would defiantly recommend it to a friend, hell I’d give them my copy if they were into this type of book. This type of genre.
But at the end of the day I prefer paranormal because there’s that something extra that contemporary just can’t give and this is one of those novels that highlights that fact for me. yeah, me.

Aidan and Ethan, Devlin and Garrick,

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