Monday 9 July 2012

REVIEW, Reverb by Jet Mykles

Sex. Drugs. Rock ‘n Roll.

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Series: --
Pub: 2011, MLRPress
Author: Jet Mykles
Genre: contemporary romance
Format: paperback (mid); 296pp w/ 30 chapters
Whose: Nick & Marlowe
Age Range: adult

Nick Gorman’s got it all. he’s on top of the worlds, living his dream, playing guitar on stage in front of thousands of people with non-other than Marlowe. The famous singer could have had his choice of anyone to replace his former guitarist, but he picked Nick to tour with him. Now Nick’s star is on the rise, all thanks to Marlowe, who’s not only Nick’s idol but is fast becoming a terrific friend.

In the blink of an eye, it all turns upside down. a drug-hazed time in a bed alone with Marlowe forces Nick to be aware that the rock star’s interest in him is more than just friendly. Then, before he can even react to that, both singer and guitarist are in a near-fatal accident that could ruin both their careers.

What now? Marlowe’s in jail for two years and Nick is broken. Could they ever play together again, let alone explore the sizzling reverberations that still exist between them?

I found this story Yeah, I think personal works with what I’m feeling.
Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t personal to me. I’ve nothing but love of listening to music and I’m even less been up in arms about me sexuality, I’ve known what part of a person I liked from 18 it was the type that took me a little—but you don’t really need to know about that, do you?
I don’t even think that it was personal on an author level, though it could have been, what do I know I’m not a personal friend or a confident while she was writing the story, so it very well could have been.
What I truly mean is that it was personal for the characters of the book.
And that’s odd. It shouldn’t be, but the layout of the story and the way everything went down, it was gut-wrenchingly personal, deep and even more so a heavy read, that you just can’t put down. But it was so....personal, like you were actually looking threw the stain lass windows into their thoughts while they were struggling with guilt and pain and loss.

When I first read the blurb on this book I thought it might have been like one of her Heaven Sent books, hell it’s not that farfetched, it’s in the same genre and more so I’ve heard that a lot of her other series are the same. What I found was suck a story that’s can be taken to be too much, it’s quite a story, or it could be loved for everything that it was.
The only downer that I would say about it, is that Marlows past wasn’t as highlighted and I kept feeling that his addition problems would have made a little more sense if we got to learn more than a busy brain—but then maybe that’s me, and I have lived with a busy brain my whole life, but I can’t stand the mind fuck of drugs, though the addition I could understand, most people over the age of 18 would have known, saw or been affected by drug or alcohol addition (and how sad is that).
Still, the way she wrote that addition and the fight he had with it, from his brain was perfect. I almost felt it on myself., he was the straight turned gay part of the story, and those types always hold a soft stop for me, though I’m getting over them (nearly as much as two straight men falling in lustful love). The thing with Nick is, the accident was the start, though you had enough threw the start to see....
That part was so different from what I read, it was almost like, his, as Nick, wasn’t really caught up that much in the fact that he couldn’t be gay, and when he realised he wasn’t, it was more about him falling in love, or him realising this, and that story line, that thought, was awesome, especially with the confusion between them both and the words that should have been spoken.
Shit, if they had the book would have been 10 chapters shorter.
But she didn’t really do it in a way that made you frustrated with them both because the way Nick fell was so slow you didn’t really see him braking that barrier until he came across the neck one, and mostly the barriers were a lot of uncertainty and Marlowe, which you saw, and you....

It’s hard for me to explain, I really am a little shit at this, even though I love it. but this book is well worth the read, especially if you want an erotica that’s not a wham bang thank you man type of love that normally comes through. This sit’s in the slow building of love from the moment we meet them both till the time they open there mouths and let the other know.

Heaven Sent series, Dark Elves series, Indigo Knights spin-off series, Leashed series,

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