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Memoirs of this Delusional Writer #5

Starting paragraph
All around them the trees made noise, it was a shitty time of day and the wind was just strong enough that everything crinkled and cracked. The sound of movement was all around them; it had been for hours now, it was what made a brush density so much fun on a daily stole. You were alone without feeling that way.
     When you’re trying to outrun someone, it became your worst nightmare.
Beauty of Summer (Warrior Brethren #0.5) page 22

Words to begin with: I’m about to talk a lot of shit without really writing anything in my actual books, enjoy the rambles....
Really people I talk a lot of shit this fortnight.

I know I’ve probably said this before. But man, do I want to have a series that has you falling in love with characters enough to want to read their book.
And I have a good and a bad for both.
Let’s do bad first, then you have the hope that the ‘good’ will pick you back up.
So the bad thing is that I can’t really think about a hope for anything when it comes to my books when I haven’t been able to write even one. And then there’s the fact that I’m a pussy shit and, well, I haven’t finished the book yet.
Now the good, yeah!
It’s that I’ve already gotten up to book 8.5 of the series already, so therefore I already know all the characters names which means I can links them in and make them seen, which is something, because to fall in love with characters they need to be there.
But then, I have to pull into the fact that my character show no emotions, so how am I meant to do it so that you want them to get it back. So they have different personalities when they don’t really have any. At least they do, but you don’t get to see them.
Still it’s a plus, right, that I can, and do know whose books coming up and so therefore you will have the right amount of time to fall.
Especially since the real series, with the Cold Warriors doesn’t really start till book 4 and yet book one has two of them in it.
And book 3 will have a few more as well.

Sun: hum....I’ve been thinking about the way my emotionless people talk.
I’ve read a few books that have this fact in their characters, but there mostly people who have learnt to suppress their emotions, or they don’t feel them.
My people feel them, deeply, more so then a lot—which is something I have to remember when I’m writing them without the glamour, ‘cause their faces are like children. That kind of openness that’s people learnt to hide as they grow up. They haven’t needed to so....

Mon: so, I just (okay, not just, but it’s a revelation thing) figured out why I like and keep going back to my overly caffeinated self. It stops the dreams.
It’s not like I have nightmare or anything—well not most of the time, but I dream when I’m, well, sober of caffeine.
Really, I don’t go to sleep any earlier than before. I can stay awake all night like always, my head doesn’t even slow down like I think my family thinks it would. It doesn’t I have too much crap constantly running for front spot. But it’s been there my whole life, so it’s normal.
It’s the dreaming though.
And I can’t even say the wacky things that come out of my mind while sleep are due to the facts of my reading a shit load. Hell sometimes it the fact that I am dreaming about life in a book that makes them normal.
But mostly they are not.
Truly, I’m a freak more than even I know, and it shows so fucking much when I remember what I dream about. And ‘cause I’m not high of caffeine when I sleep no matter how lightly, I will stay asleep. And therefore I remember what I’m dreaming about.
Hell, when I’m the narrator of my dream rather than the front person I can actually change what’s happening, and that’s even weirder, because what I change it into....
Well, let’s say, an author is probably something I should be. Though coming from my dreams I should head myself into something Steven King would write. Or that person who wrote Alice in Wonderland.
Anyway, I wanted to share because its part of my ‘stop drinking so much Coke’ thing and this is a reason why I keep going back.

Tue: some good news, I think my obsession for reading books, that I have been plagued with over the last month is gone. I still want to read books, and yet there’s a part of me that can’t be bothered anymore. Even more so there’s a part of me that wants to finish what I started, I just can’t seem to be on agreement with it as to what that is. Point being, I have written anything worth talking about in the last week and yet I haven’t been able to stop writing to you.

Though it’s come to my attention that I have become a little bit of a fan of Josh Lanyon. Though I don’t like crime all that much and he’s a big writer of that. Everything that I have read I have fallen in love with. And more so I’m happy to spend money of something that may or may not be to my full taste because I know that it will at least be well written. Or at least written in a way that I enjoy reading. I’m not ready to sing he’s prese or read everything he’s ever written when I know I’m probably not going to enjoy it all that much, but, to be honest, I’m getting there.
I think thought, and my mind seems to want to head that way, even though I’m reluctant—mostly because there long books and will take longer to read—to get back into reading the pile of paperbacks that I have.
Also the m/f romance, though saying this, throw me something lesbian related that isn’t all about sing woman’s parses and I will be all over it. I don’t particularly care what sex I’m reading as long as it’s not to girly (and that goes male to, nothing worse than a girl male—and ones that aren’t that in the book, just the person writing it. hell, I can enjoy a feminine male as much as the next, but make it all about heart and roses and why-don’t-you-love-me whine, and I will want to threw this book in a fire.)
But that’s a little sidetracked isn’t it.
I’m just getting over the obsessive high I’ve been on for m/m books which is great because it means my choosing a book will be all about the book that’s there and not because.....

Wrote 358 words in Beauty of Summer (warrior Brethren #0.5)

Wed: 312 words in Destiny’s Hands (warrior Brethren #2)
& a re-pasting for Obsessive Lips (warrior brethren #4), and yeah I’m original when it comes to titles I’m know, it’s not like I’m not up for re-naming, later, I just have to have a name for something I’m writing or I end up driving myself crazy.
Anyway, I was sitting on 10,869 words. What I kept was 8,564 words, at the moment. Really, there’s a little after I get past what I have already gotten. But at the moment, because this isn’t the first book anymore I have to change characters in it. Jo is the main one, really, because Cray story was already there I just wrote it.
Anyway, it’s all set and matched. Now I just have to re-write the bit that I have, adding a person, changing what I few of them look like. Add emotion to another one. You know all those things that came in with the three books that sat on top of this one.
            Stopped with 685 words (cause the way the boys look got a little mixed up and I wanted to make sure they matched the first book, only when I started reading the first book my mind stayed with it)

Mon: okay, so I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but when an idea for a story gets in your head you need to run with it. Or at least write it down so you can, either work on that idea, or push it aside for another time.
Mines the other time.
For the record I’m talking about the Warrior Brethren series #4.5. This one sorta comes off #0.5 and...well.... it’s going to be about a transvestite. Which kinda fucks with me a little—not the idea of it, like really if I had a problem with all that crap the idea would never have come. But selling my series. Now that’s not going to be as simple as I thought. I’m actually going to have to really look into this shit so that I get the right place so my series can move on the way I want it to not the way the readers will buy it.
But the idea is good. I think. Mostly because it’s simple, it’s cute and it’s something flamboyant, though I’ve never seen anything like it so it will be cliché in the most obvious ways. And I apologise for that before I put my fingers into gear and start to write it.
It’s also a sort of proof to me that I need to amp up the sex and turns these into erotica’s rather than the romances I wanted them to be.

—shit I forgot to put Zeus’ land into my Atlantis. Shit, shit!!

I figured out book 8 too, this is becoming a good day for my book. I’m going to make it a lesbian one. Yeah, it fits so nicely.

2,541 words in Beauty of Summer (warrior Brethren #0.5)

Wed: started something new. Mostly a running the fingers thing. It’s something that Danny Marks says to do when you can get idea out of your brain. And it’s a good show, though I always just start a story and see if they have anything.
I got something, though it will be a short one. An erotica. It’s called Walking a Different Line (for now) and I just wrote 1,304 words.

Fri: shit no wonder I haven’t written anything in my books this month. The tally has just come in, my reading totals this month are: 48 ebooks, 24 short stories and half of 2 others (but they don’t really count do they?)
Shit I need to get my noise out of the books, and my fingers tapping on the keys.
Weekly Re-cap: it’s Saturday 1st of September and for all of us south of the border—I’m pretty sure, really though I’m not all that smart and when countries line up and.....
                        IT’S SPRING!
Which means hotter days and cold winds—I mean nights. Which I love, the loss of layer with the added bonus of still being able to cuddle under a blanket at the night.
Though with my Australianness, it also starts the racings. Horse and horses with the added bonus of the Melbourne Cup, yeah! (I really wish I was someone who did actually add that ‘yeah’ as if I was excited but I’m not. really have no interest in it all)

Oh, before I forget, Harlequin are starting ‘SO YOU THINK YOU CAN WRITE’ thing this mouth. It’s a great place for you to place in your writing, if that’s what you want. Um, they are having a week long online conference starting the 17th.
If you want to check it out click here!

I’m still working out the details of it, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get my book into the competition for more than one reason. Mostly it’s because I like to destroy myself, saying I don’t think I can finish my book by mid October if I were to get that far. Along with the fact that if I do then I have to find one of their branches to see if my series would even fit in there because I’m not changing it for a competition.

Anyway, it’s open to the world (or at least, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand) so check it out and see if you’re as good as you think you are!!
Then tell me about it, and I’ll check out your first chapter (I’m pretty sure I read that all entries were going to be open to the public, I could be wrong though). Either way I’ll support you for your bravery were I have none.

Ending Paragraph
Cray swallowed as he tried to clear his head so that he could slow down. But all that got him was a clearer view of Anna and his need to get her pants off became nearly too hard to achieve.
Beauty of Summer, warrior brethren #.5, page 27

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