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REVIEW, Squire by Jet Mykles

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Series: Indigo Knights # 1
Pub:  2010 by Looseld
Author: Jet Mykles
Genre: Contemporary Erotica
Format: ebook; 158p w/ 19 chapters
Whose: Rabin & Izzy
Age Range: adult

Rabin Squire is on top of the world. At long last, everything is going his way. He’s about to go into the studio with none other than Brent Rose to put together a new album for his band, the Indigo Knights. Okay, so there’re currently only two members of the band, but with Brent’s help, that’ll soon change. Things are looking up.

Then there’s Izzy, Brent’s cousin. Rabin’s never been interested in a guy before but he can sure tell when one is gorgeous, and Izzy is that. He’s also funny, and sweet as hell.

Since he’s not gay, Rabin never expected to have a fling with Izzy. But Izzy says their having sex doesn’t make him gay. Rabin’s not so sure about that but if Izzy’s good with it, what harm can come of it? Izzy agrees; no one else needs to know.

Then an even bigger opportunity means that Rabin has to move away. So if the thing with Izzy was no big deal, why does it hurt when it comes to an end?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Male/male sexual practices.

Okay, so I’m shamelessly a fan of Heaven Sent series. I’m that much in love with it that I want them to be real so I can act like a love sick twelve year old as I jump up and down just because a song—that I’ve heard to death—came on the a TV music show and I got to see them, if only on screen.
I’d rip apart any magazine that had any scrap of information on it so that I could know.
—well, okay, I wouldn’t be because I’ve never been that type of person, but this is about a band, and it’s fitting. And so fucking real for a lot of you out there.
You can only lie to others.

This is a spin-off series to Heaven Sent. It starts, well, actually, I’m a little confused. But I feel it’s about Revelation time, because Chris is overseas’ and in Revelation they talk about Brent being in Chicago.
Anyway, it’s not the point, but is...because it had a part of my mind while I was reading it. Only half, mostly when the time line, or things about Heaven Sent came up.

This one, for worse, or better, I’m not sure yet, was written in the same fashion as the series it comes off. it’s in the same world (but then that’s ours, so it isn’t hard) and it revolves around them, keeping Heaven Sent as a high focus while not taking away from the story.
Rabin is in love with them, for everything they (Brent) have done for him. So it’s an idolised fashion that always keeps them focused.
And to a point, I think that was one of the only reasons that I read this book. It’s the only reason that I craved it, because of that link.
Hence my indecision.  

That’s not saying it doesn’t stand up on its own.
It’s a great love story. But to be honest it had the same feel to it as Faith—as Darien, that shrug off homosexuality. Which is great, and even better that this reason was explained by the fact that he spent the time with them, saw the love they had for the other males, and became comfortable with gay relations (and this was actually a point he spoke of) though it was linked with his wondering what it was about Izzy.

The other thing different was that this book was written by the ‘top’ wasn’t the way in the first books. It’s a thing I noticed. Even though it’s not really important.

Izzy was a lost little boy with a massive shell that you didn’t really get to see until near the end and because there was no real glimpses it was hard to have a real emotional surge behind him, though saying that Rabin, it’s heartbreaking. Hell, its sweet and you actually see him fall in love with Izzy when he is left clueless.
At least, it’s what I saw.

It was a great book, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next, even though that may take forever, because they won’t come out in paperback (well, they might? But I’m sure it will be when the series is finished, the it’s front series) and also the whole Australia thing, and the fact that I only have an iPad as my digital reading device (will soon be rectifying that, but I’m looking into a different type of table, then a eReader, but will see) and it’s lacking in up to date things (or full series—why put out all except 3, and those 3 are—yeah, not a point at all for this one). So who knows what happens next, not that it will stop me. When I see it, it will be up.

Squire, Champion, Lance, Noble
Spin-off from: Heaven Sent series; Heaven, Purgatory, Hell, Faith, Genesis, Revelations

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