Saturday 6 October 2012

Adults Corner #6

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers.
[A warning that this has not been edited, had any one check it for grammar mistakes or even read threw by me more than once]
These are all written by me, Bronwyn Heeley

This is the work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are solely the product of the author’s imagination and/or are used fictitiously.

Cursed Happiness
(Warrior Brethren #6)
Cad & Daniel’s

[This is the starting scene—parts anyway]

Groaning deep in his throat from the lost of friction and his undying lust that always sat with him, in or out of his dream, his head laxed out onto the back of the lounge he sat.
     “Sorry to interrupt,” a deep male voice said to his left making Cad jump out of his skin and look in that direction.
     What his saw got his heart stopping for longer than it ever should and then beating in double time, luckily he hadn’t any medical problems in that area, or he probably wouldn’t last long.
     Breathtakingly handsome, Daniel, his wolf, stood in his human form, or at least that’s what Cad had learnt over the course of their times together. Three nights a mouth Daniel would walk in his dreams. He still wasn’t sure why or even how it was possible, but he had never been able to face the reality of finding out.
     What if it meant Daniel would stop coming by? Cad couldn’t have that any more than he could let anyone make Daniel’s wolf form sleep outside.
     Swallowing became hard as he looked at the long thin line of Daniel. He was at least 6’3” with the willowy form the other half of men that height had. There wasn’t a scrap of meet on him that was toned and hardened from his wolf form.
     His shoulders were bored enough that he had a lovely width across his chest, but it wasn’t something that would swallow Cad. His hands and feet where big, and his legs long and solid. At the moment he stood looking over at Cad with some hidden fear that was nearly swallowed by the lust. 
     “Don’t be,” Cad said with more of a teasing tone than he felt at that moment. he wasn’t even sure why he had said anything in the first place, didn’t know what those words meant, hell, he couldn’t even remember what they had been.
     None of that seemed to matter though, Daniel smiled, his large soft, lips split into a smile that made Cad feel like weeping.
     Taking a step in Cad direction Daniel spoke softly but with a hit of humour that got Cad smiling back; “Why is it I always find you with your dick buried deep in someone’s throat?”
     Cad shrugged, “Bad timing,” he hedged.
     “On who’s part?” Daniel asked sinking into the lounge next to Cad; he could feel the body heat coming off Daniel in waves that had his hands itching to pull him closer but he didn’t, couldn’t seem to make himself move, not at this moment.
     “Mine,” he whispered, not being able to get anything more out of his throat. His body had tensed up, it wasn’t like before, where he was thinking of things he wished he could get. No this, no matter where it was, was real and Cad knew he would wake up sticky but happy, his body singing with the release he will spill while asleep. A release he hadn’t been able to get from anyone else. Since meeting his wolf.
     Daniel’s laugh was soft and caring, as if spoke of torturous things that was normal in times like this. “Yeah, you look like you’re in a little pain. Want some help?” he was looking at the swallow slab of flesh lying between Cad legs.
     At the moment Cad’s dick didn’t look anything but a red mess of pain, pulsing in time with his heartbeat it leaked what he wanted to spill over....hell, anyone, anything.
     “Yeah, but I prob’ly don’t need any,” he smiled looking back up at the rapt look of lust and want in Daniel’s eyes. He almost blow just seeing it. Just from wanted what the other man seemed more than willing to give him.
     Daniel licked his lips, slowly, like he could taste Cad there, and Cad had to grind his teeth and think about castration to get himself not to spill. It didn’t really work; his cock dribbled some more, begging the only way it knew how to be the slave Daniel seemed to want to make it.
     With slow soft movements Daniel leant forward, grabbing the hard flesh and flashed a look into Cad’s, “beautiful.”
     Fuck....” Cad groaned spilling his seed at that, no friction needed. nothing but that look of possession, lust and a need that run so deep it needed attention now.
     His head angled back as his breaths came in fast uneven burst, trying to keep the thrill of the release as well as live in the feeling that flowed threw him; Cad looked with narrowed eyes at the other man.
     “Beautiful,” Daniel repeated softly before he lent over Cad and cleaned up the mess Cad made all over Dan’s hand and his own body. It was at that moment that looking down that he could still see, feel the hard wrap of Dan’s fingers around his hardening cock.
     Gods he liked dreaming.

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