Sunday, 11 November 2012

Read by Wont Review #15

These are the books I read and won’t be reviewing anytime soon.
(not because they weren’t good, just because)
Mostly they are novellas, short stories etc.

*A Cajun in Colorado (Wolves of Stone Ridge #12) by Charlie Richards
*The Elevator Mechanic (workplace encounters #1) by Serena Yates
*One More Time by Shawn Lane
*Follow the Sun (sapphire cay #1) by RJ Scott & Meredith Russell

The short stories
Building Sandcastles by Carol Lynne
*Part of Me by LE Harner
*Dead Short by JL Merrow
*Light me Up by James Buchanan

The Good Life by Diana DeRicci
The Chauffeur, The Ship Engineer, the Carpenter, the Truck Driver, The Model & the Cellar Hand (workplace encounters) by Serena Yates

If you would like my thoughts on any of the above, tell me and I’ll do a full review for you.
* What I bought this week and read

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