Wednesday 5 December 2012

List of 2012 #1

Books about Christmas                  
So, this is the time for lists, apparently, so as the spirit of Christmas, I’m going to bundle myself up and give you one list of books every week of the month. My Christmas present to you—‘cause I’m nice that way (yeah, sarcasm, like I think you care that much)

Anyway, I’ve noticed that I have quite a few Christmas stories. Though mostly in the m/m romance/erotica area, and there all last years, or the year before.
Still, I want to share the joy, and love and the miracles that people love to write about.

Books I’ve Read
The Christmas Throwaway by RJ Scott
Together by Diana DeRicci
First Christmas by Diana DeRicci
Christmas with You by William Neale
The Wild Sild of Christmas by Jack Brighton
Lone Star by Josh Lanyon
Icecapade by Josh Lanyon
A Shifter Christmas by Stephani Hecht
Fangs Fur and Snowballs by Stephani Hecht
Tears for Christmas by Freddy MacKay
Home and Heart by Chris Quinton
Upon the Midnight Clear by Sherilyn Kenyon

The short stories I’ve read
Christmas Dinner at Reynolds Hall by JL Langley
Christmas Cookies and Garland by JL Langley
My Christmas Wish by Aeryn Traxx
Ruby Red Nose by Sui Lynn
One Kiss by Silvia Violet
A Christmas Present by Toni Griffin
Mr Popsalos by Lisa Warroll
The Gift of the Maggie by Belinda McBride
Christmas Future by Alley Blue
Light Me Up by James Buchanan
Holiday gay by Victor J. Banis
Every Time a Bell Rings by Missy Welsh
‘Tis the Season by Vivien Dean
Good Will Shopping by Mia Watts
An Early Snow by Derek Adams
Joy of the Season by TA Chase
A Picture Perfect Holiday by ZA Maxfield
A Christmas Eve Wish by Nicole Dennis

Books I haven’t read
My True Love Gave to Me by Ava March
The Christmas Proposition by KA Mitchell
Winters Knights by Harper Fox
I heard him Exclaim by ZA Maxfield
Winter Warmers anthology (a story in)

I think that’s all of them.
I could go on about this year’s stories, but I just couldn’t be bothered (it’s not an easy list. Or I haven’t found it so), I’m also Australian, so it isn’t like I’m going to see them til mid 2013!

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