Tuesday 4 December 2012

Stuck in Your Head # 25

I'm going to give you the line from the books I've read that make my mind crave the rest like coke.


“I rose on tiptoe and planted a big kiss on his mouth. He stumbled back, pushing away from me so hard that he fell into the bedroom and left me pushing into the hallway beyond. Masculine Laughter filled the hallway. Two bright spots of color flamed on Marks’ cheeks as he lay panting on the carpet. […]
‘Maybe he and the chief go to the same church,’ I said.”
UK mass paperback, page 93

Obsidian Butterfly by Laurell K. Hamilton
(Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #9)
First Published October 2000
UK mass paperback 2010 by Headline
Adult Paranormal Mystery

I was covered in blood, but it wasn’t mine, so it was okay

Edward is a hit man. He specialises in monsters. Vampires, shape-shifters, anything and everything. These are people like me, Anita Blake, who do it legally, but Edward doesn’t sweat the legalities or, hell, the ethics. He is an equal opportunity killer. I may be one of the few friends that Edward has, but it’s like being friends with a tame leopard. It may curl up on the foot of your bed and let you pet its head, but it can still eat your throat out...

Series includes
Guilty Pleasures, the Laughing Corpse, Circus of the Damned, The Lunatic Cafe, Bloody Bones, The Killing Dance, Burnt Offerings, Blue Moon, Narcissus in Chains, Cerulean Sins, Incubus Dreams, Micah, Danse Macabre, The Harlequin, Blood Noir, Skin Trade, Flirt, Bullet, Hit List, Kiss the Dead, Affliction

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