Monday 3 December 2012

Manga Review, Bleach 2-4 by Tite Kubo

Bleach vol. 2, 3 & 4 Story & Art by Tite Kubo
Chapter 8: Chase Chad Around to Chapter 34. Quincy Archer Hates You
Teen, Ghost Hunters

Immediately after checking into the Kurosaki Clininc with a mysterious scar on his back, the muscle-bound Chad goes AWOL. Accompanying Chad is a talking parakeet imbued with the soul of a young boy named Yûichi. It doesn’t take newbie Soul Reaper Ichigo Kurosaki long to surmise that a Hallow must be involved—by far the strongest spirit he’s faced to date. Ichigo is about to discover that not every soul is bound for the Soul Society, especially if its tainted with innocent blood.

Fifteen-year-old Ichigo ‘Strawberry’ Kuroski can see ghosts. Otherwise, he was a typical (?) high school student until the day a Hollow—a malevolent lost soul—came to eat him, and the Soul Reaper Rukia Kuchiki stepped into his life. To defeat the Hollow and save his family, Ichigo let Rukia transfer some of her Soul Reaper powers to him. But when Rukia was left powerless, she recruited Ichigo for her war against the murderous, soul-gobbling Hollows. Now, Ichigo’s near-invincible classmate Chad has turned up at the family clinic with strange wounds—and a mysterious parakeet!?

This time
So, vol. 2 takes us for a run, where we end up seeing the strength behind Chad, though it was still a little fast, the gates of hell, were awesome, and after we learn about the parakeet, that wasn’t all that indebt, we learn that the Hollows he has faced aren’t that strong. I’m hoping this will lead to bigger, more indebt stories to come, as it seem it’s still all about him discovering himself, and Rukia learning he’s something special.
The gates of hell are awesome, have I mentioned that yet. They are so cool. There only there a little bit, but they are these two, well, walls of the gates, with the torso and head, hands of skeletons that open up the gate and a huge, hand with a swore stabs the Hollow and drags him in.  They are awesome.
We then head into the next part of the story, were Rikia buys this thing that will enable to let Ichigo become his Soul Reaper self without her around. Only they get a defective product who runs a little ramped, but hell, so would you, if….yeah, read it, you’ll see.

Vol3. Memories in the Rain basically dives into the mystery death. It’s a sweet story and this book is the one that has Ichigo becoming what he is a Soul Reaper.

Vol4. Quincy Archer Hates You. There’s a TV show that everyone love. It’s about star signs and ghosts and a man who wants—no, is—a hero and Ichigo has to help him out of the bind he’s put himself in.
This one seemed more about the group of people around him, his sister, about what they are seeing and putting their wonder, there thoughts behind it. Seeing him. I’m not sure if that’s going to grow and became something more, it would be nice, I think, but mostly after something big happened there memories are whipped. Not that it seemed to happen this time. But still….
Then is goes into them always arriving for a Hollow to have been beaten to it. It’s the cliff hanger that had to happen because I don’t have the next book, and probably won’t be seeing it until next year. Shit. I really want to know what’s going on.

Still, it hasn’t gone as indebt as I was hoping, maybe it’s not going to. But hell, it’s only 5 volumes in; I’m pretty sure in One Piece didn’t have a huge story line until Nami’s story, which wasn’t until vol12. So….there’s still time…

Oh, Oh, I LOVE Kon!!! Shit he is a lively fun character that is awesome and made me cry with laugher, all threw vol2 he was the charm and whit that got us threw the sad moments. Lightening up a heartbreaking storyline. And you need that, really, it’s what makes series like these fun.
But he is just awesome. Oh and his ‘running away’ best. Thing. Ever. Shit I’m still chuckling from that.

When we continues...
Ichigo’s contest with the Quincy Uryû is heating up. In fact, it’s getting so out of hand that a gigantic Hollow of frightening proportions comes into being. Capable of eviscerating Ichigo’s reality be its sheer size alone, this Stygian spectre could very well spell the end of the universe as we know it! Then again, Ichigo never got in the habit of backing down from a fight, and odds are, he isn’t planning on giving up anything soon. Not only that, but Chad and Orihime quickly discover that they too are imbued with psychic talents.
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