Saturday 19 January 2013

Are You Alice? 1,2&3 by Ikumi Katagiri & Ai Ninomiya

Are You Alice? vol. 1, 2 & 3
by: Ikumi Katagiri, original work by: Ai Ninomiya
Chapter 1, Down the Rabbit-Hole to chapter 17, fraidy-cat.
Older Teens, Fantasy

Volume 1
A boy who has forsaken his name and memories stumbles into the mysterious world of Wonderland. There, he is approached by the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter who addresses him as ‘Alice’, and ordered by the Queen of Hearts to participate in a deadly game to kill the White Rabbit, or it’s off with his head! As the game unfolds, things are set to get curiouser and curiouser

Okay….this is a little weird. I think mostly because though I enjoyed reading the books, and I followed the step by step of the story line I didn’t really understand what was going on until volume 3, and that’s when things set in better.
Which is weird right. I mean, I should have just stopped at vol 1 but I couldn’t seem to stop myself buying the next two.

I’m not sure if I should say this, because it’s, like, well, maybe, they don’t want you to understand it ‘til the point that I did. So…well, I’m gonna tell ya, a little anyway. Which is where I’m meant to write *spoiler alert*...?

This book is about writing a book. The author is in look with the story. They are all pieces of paper and the story is already set. A loop of the same lines that has a new Alice in it, though all these girls were never the real Alice.
Hence the name.

So this guy is the 89th Alice (I think, it sounds right, and honestly I wouldn’t be that far off) still, and he’s a male, which is different, but not something that comes up, actually. Huh?

Still, he’s got a mission to kill the white rabbit, while he’s been given vague mentions of the rules and the world around him that he’s meant to follow.
I honestly, once I got to vol 3, think that this is set of the original book, which I haven’t read the whole way threw (never a fan of Alice in Wonderland), but first up was the dormouse, and then we saw the ugly side of the Red Queen. That’s what happens right? I honestly can’t remember, even from the movie that was created in for my era.

Anyway, there are a lot hidden behind vague words spoken to anything (which is what the books like, right) and you’re never really sure what the fucks going on, while you understand it, and enjoy it, and find interest in it. And laugh.
There’s this really good part that holds a bit of cross dressing that had me laughing, it’s good.

The main characters are the Mad Hatter and ‘Alice’ they have a love hate relationship setting up. Which is really fun to watch. You know the kind where they seem to care on minute, don’t the next, and are yelling at each other after that.
The Cheshire Cat, is the interesting part, you just want to know what he’s up to (but again, that’s him)
The white rabbit, and the Queen of hearts, are in it, but so far they are lesser characters that don’t seem to ever really make sense, though strangle they do.

Yeah, maybe I shouldn’t have bothered; I really am sucking at putting these books into words, aren’t I? Though I don’t know if I would do any better if I read them all again and again, and then spent a week thinking about it.

They are good in a way that I enjoyed reading them, that I liked the world, it was fascinating to a point and the characters are, well, a little stock, actually, though I enjoyed them, and want to know more. Though I don’t feel any rush in getting the next one.

When we continues...
????? cover for vol 4 (right)
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