Tuesday 1 January 2013

Memoirs of this Delusional Writer #12.5

Everyone had a good night?! Everyone ready to start 2013?!

My Resolutions
1.      Write more. Yeah, but it’s something I want to do. It’s something I need to do.
o   Though more so, published is probably want I really should put here.
o   Having people read my books, learn from that, help create something I can send off.
o   I also want to settle into research. Getting a better grip and a more indebt style of it (being as having one, since right now, I don’t)
2.      Look into (and get into) a course on how to Edit a Manuscript.
o   This is more a 2013—14 thing
o   I want to do the whole lot, but we’ll have to see. Mostly because I’m pretty sure I might have to go to Blacktown to do it. And that’s too far when you have kids on a weekday, especially when I’m not starting work, I have to be here for the kids when they get home.
§  I’m going to be doing some short hour internship (if I can) at Blue Mountains Press!, to get my credits up. What if I want to get into this career when I decide to go back to work.
§  I also want to do a simple computer graphics course to learn how to create covers for my books.
§  I also want to do something about distribution and selling, since it would help if I ever decide self-publish (which is the way im swinging) I want to be able to do it as cheaply as possible.
o   More thoughts into this. I’ve decided that I’m going to do everything that I need to be able open up my own publishing house.
3.      Get better
o   It’s not really that easy. But I need to go to the doctor (even know my chest is tightening up), about….well, personal stuff that apparently isn’t cosier to talk about. And my head. I need to see a shrink and see if I can step over that last line. Though I doubt I’ll ever be able to stop falling.
4.     Get a routine
o   With my writing, with my housework for the week. Because if I’m going down the road I am, I have to be a stay at home mum, with a side job, and therefore I need to, you know, be one.
o   –find a new house. start a whole new routine
5.      Volunteer in the community.
o   Well I’m not working, getting money from the government makes me feel like I should, at least, give a little back. So….kinda obvious. Just gotta look into it and suck.

What I want to finish in 2013
·         Get a book published.

Nah, in all seriously, these are the book I have printed out waiting for me to finish
·         Untitled
o   My fairy-tale inspired stand-alone, YA.
o   This is what happens in my mind when Peter Pan meets Welsh myth.
o   Anyway, it’s nearly done, I need to finish it (hopefully before Feb) so it can get sent off for BETA read.
·         Forever with my Werewolf (moonlit Wolves #2)
o   Needs a second look over and fix up. Though I don’t actually have anyone to read it, so…..
·         Life Just Sucks That Way (TragicTeen collection #1)
o   Some else to read. Just need to finish printing it out and off it can go.
·         Beauty of Summer & Body of Darkness (warrior brethren #.5 &1)
o   Needs BETA read, and are one print away from being sent out
·         Let them Hunt
o   Re-write, in process, but I’m not rushed, I don’t see these books going anywhere just a place for me to let out that twisted scary part.
·         By Moonlight & Red Midnight (Teen-Hunt #1&2)
o   Both getting re-wrote—cut downs. They are to long

What else
·         Finish at least the next four books in the Moonlit Moon series. I would really like the first ten finished, but with other that I would like to do that’s unrealistic, even for me. But next four. That’s a good head start
·         Hands of destiny, book 2 in the Warrior Brethren series.
·         Gruff Brothers. YA dystopian stand alone.
o   Well I hope it’s an actually dystopian and not what everyone else has. It’s about the lands after the water rises. A large number of people line in the walls, a massive area of refugee camps. The government controls with iron fists (that the saying right) and other live in the forest that grew out of the water. It’s about greener pasters, because the story is inspired by the billy goats gruff.
o   Anyway, that idea makes it dystopian or not??
o   Its also—or I want it to be—going to be a bromance. Literally, it’s about the friendship between the middle brother and an outside. But because I’m going to be writing the book in the voices of the three brothers, its going to have this friendship seen through different eyes, different ages and hopefully I can pull it off the way I see it in my head.
·         Killing Me (soul stealer #1), paranormal YA
o   This had already got 11,017 words in it. And a defiant voice, with the backstory already dropped in.

So that’s only 7 books
Four at 26,000 at a max, so 104,000
Two at 35,000 to 40,000
One between 40,000 and 60,000
So, I’m looking at 244,000 words on the outside this year.
365 days in a year, take 52 days for my day off, which leaves 313 days
at 779 words a day. (I think, I was a little better with number than I was with words, but its saying nothing, so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong)

Last bit of news
I’ve decided that I’m going to change my blog around a lot. I’m going to start making it into something more adult. More into a m/m style blog, because that’s what I write, and that’s what I read. So it makes sense, right?
Though I won’t really be changing all that much. Just trying to swing everything a different, or more, appropriate way.
(I may wont be reviewing books as much, only ones I need to talk about, good or bad. I will review anything if requested.)
Sorry if I lose you, but I fully understand.

So there you have it, the plans and shit for my books in 2013. What’s yours?!

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