Tuesday 1 January 2013

Stuck in Your Head #28

I'm going to give you the line from the books I've read that make my mind crave the rest like coke.
this one is the only New Year book I could find (as is, centres around the celebration)

“Oh, that.” Brent sank onto a chair in the corner and picked up one of the bottles of water in the table beside it. “Yeah, I knew.”
Hell, seated sideways on the makeup table so he could get close to the mirror, snorted. “Of Course he knew.” Yeah, they were both defiantly in better moods. Had there been enough time for a blowjob?
Bind-up Paperback, page 91

Genesis by Jet Mykles
(Heaven Sent #5)
First Published January 2008 by Loose Id, LLC
Bind-up published May 2008 by Loose Id
Contemporary Erotic Romance

The week before Heaven Sent's New Year's performance, Brent fractures his hand, which puts him out of commission for the show. Fortunately, it's not permanent, but it leaves he and Hell dealing with the "what if," not to mention Brent's jealousy of the guitarist taking his place. As the band members and their partners struggle to adjust, the stress brings their personal issues to light: * Tyler wants to be a parent but he's not sure Johnnie will agree. Johnnie feels the strain in their relationship, but doesn't know how to make it right. * Luc has gotten a big break in a new movie, but his new co-star wants more than his onscreen love. Reese trusts Luc, but he can't help loathing his leading lady. * Chris takes a job that will keep him away from Darien over the New Year's. If that weren't bad enough, Chris's new client is his ex, and Darien knows the ex wants Chris back. Heaven Sent needs more than a miracle to find their happily ever after. It needs ... a new beginning.

Series includes
Heaven, Pretty Red Ribbon, Purgatory, Sexy Spring Surprise, Hell, Feisty Little Firecracker, Faith, Sly Spectral, Revelations

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