Saturday 1 June 2013

Memoirs of this Delusional Writer #24

Starting paragraph
I’m getting Published!!!

What I’ve done
·         Finished a book.
·         Started another.
·         Plotted a series.
·         Signed a contract.
·         Created some social shit

The Excuses
·         I’m super thanks for asking.
·         On Sunday, I sent off my manuscript to eXtasy books!
o   The next day I got an email, that had enquires that I answered
o   The day after, an email, saying that they would like to give me a contract for my Moonlit Wolves series. 
o   I’m gonna be a published author—you know, my name on a cover and all.

The things that now link to me
·         Facebook:
o   It’s a fan page, ‘cause I’m shit at all this stuff, and though it would be easier for me to manage than an actual page.
·         Yahoo!
o   Though I don’t have any groups, I’m linked to the whole thing, so if anyone wants me in there group, email me @ with an invite and I will be more than happy to tag along for that ride.
·         I’m leaving Twitter for a little bit
o   Mostly I will head on over there if people want that much of ‘me’ in their lives (call me sceptical, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon, that too, and I don’t really care enough about anyone else’s life to want to create an account for that.
·         Author accounts
o   I think I’m going to need to create one, or page on eXtasy books, but I’m not that sure so well leave that as well.
·         I have a new email:
o   There no point with the other one, even my comments from this funnel into this new email. And it’s the only one that I’ll answer too, so…
·         Tumblr
o   Yeah, this one I think will come up sometime soon. It’s a thing I’ve been mulling for a while now; I’m on the sight enough. It’s where I get some ideas, and all that shit. So… look out for that on.
·         Lastly: Change of blog name
o   I am actually going to be changing the name of my blog to something of my name, though I think I’ll leave this one until I know when I’m going to get published, and have it run with me introducing myself and what it is I’m writing.

Thoughts for Thoughts
          Really, need to get started this week
·         Being that for You #2
·         Something Wicked Cross his Back, part 2
o   Write #1 Assassins Union (at least get plot line down)
o   Completely finish book 4 Moonlit Wolves—Tick
§  Re-read book 4
o   Start book 5, Moonlit Wolves series

Fixing up my first 3 books in the moonlit series
·         The fun this about this one is that I’m obviously doing okay when it comes to spelling and grammar, despite my heavy worry on the subject. But I still struggle through the harder more… English words—you know, my kryptonite, is ‘threw’ I really hate this word, though I think a lot of my struggle with it is that when I couldn’t spell at all, I used this word for all of them, ‘cause you can understand where I’m getting, and that was the point. For me at least, with letter passing in class.
·         The second one is with words that have a completely different meaning by just adding a letter. The ones with a single letter change for the same word only with a different means. Or adding an apostrophe. Its complex, it’s annoying, and it’s just a wonder than we abbreviate everything, so much easier.
·         Oh, and added to this point, if—when I sign the contract I’m going to start operating as an author even though it’s probably not going to be published for a while, and I’m cool with that. Hell, I’m so happy right now I think I’m gonna burst. But it will mean that I will be changing the name of my blog. Most likely to my name. Make it easier to find that way.
·         I’m also being encouraged to open up a facebook page and twitter—though I’m a horrid Gen Y so I don’t know how to use either of them, and so I’ll have to figure it out (aka ask someone to help) but I’ll be linking them all. Which will most likely mean that all the stuff that get put on this will actually be added daily on that.

623w Taking Control of my Werewolf (moonlit wolves #4)
·         Added 1,379 words, slightly modified from a previously written file into chapter 7
[chapter 8: 2,318w]
o   Catch up: 16,789 words into the 8th chapter—want to finish this by Friday
·         I have this idea in my head. The way this needs to end. Since I feel that I need to add another sex scene, actually it’s there, it’s happening, I’d feel odd if it doesn’t but how am I meant to get there? Should I get us into Eamon’s head and have him there mulling over the implications of what he’s about the get involved in? Or should I stay with Chris and the sex comes with him not wanting Eamon to think too much. That he can’t have that so he pushes the sex? The shit with Eamon has to come out, but I’ve actually already written the end of the books, which links better into book 5 and that’s has the words spoken… so Chris… Eamon can think while he’s man is a werewolf.
·         —okay, so I lied about this one going to be done by the end of the week. I’ve decided that there’s a middle bit that’s needed. There’s a month and a half (the second moon cycle) that needs added, to… give something more to the relationship, I feel at the moment, and maybe it’s what I’ve contently be feeling is wrong with the story. Who knows? But I have to go back, read the story from where it’s start, and put in that bit. It’s not going to be much, there’s really isn’t anything that I’m going to change, just, more, the reality and the… realism of them hooking up.
o   Chap 1: that’s easy. I won’t be changing anything in this one. Chap 2: [fixed spelling mistake] nothing changed. Chap 3: nothing but a bit of spelling. Chap 4: added what’s needed, making it a month, not two days. Gives something to the reaction. Maybe. Chap 5: I’m not that happy with it. But I’m not sure how to change—I really a bad at the whole ‘alpha’ thing. Chap 6: yeah… it works. But it’s a lot harder than it seem (above point and all) to have an alpha male, who doesn’t talk during sex! Chap 7: its fine. Nothing major. Chap 8: ditto. (which is where I leave you)

·         Now I have to get down and dirty with this series. I need to finish it, at least the first 12, I’m hoping I can at least write most of it this year, but it’s still hard for me to do that. And well… I got to, but at the same time I don’t want them to think that I’ll be willing to write that much all the time.
·         On the other hand, I can get this one out and then slow myself down. Work on something else—hell, they might not want that many, not up front, what if the public didn’t like it? What’s the point in my writing it, if there isn’t anyone there to read it?
·         Sat night here: and I spent it, successfully, plotting out to a fine key (or as far as I can) all my books. Next week I’m going to start on the series. Finish off book 4 (I don’t know why, but this book… killing Me. maybe it’s hitting something sensitive) and then onto book 5. I’m getting excited again. I’m getting giddy.

Thinking Out Loud
·         My asexual story—which is coming out of the clip that I wrote on Saturday.  I’m thinking it will end up being ‘new adult’ and I’m thinking that I will write this book from Adam & Jeff’s first meeting, and follows them, of sorts as they learn what love really is, because between them both, it would be very differently. Mostly though I want to give up this idea that an asexual doesn’t want companionship, but then I’m not that, and I may be wrong, which so, please tell me. I’d really like to learn.
·         Still, think about it? What’s sex? Yeah it’s awesome, I love it? But is that what really makes your relationship work? If it was out of the equation would you give up on your partner? Would you want them to give up on you? And anyway, I don’t believe an asexual can’t have sex (again, if I’m wrong, this is a point you should make) they just don’t care for it. Don’t need it.
·         Really, what I’m sick of is people turning these characters into antisocial people. Like they don’t care about anyone else. Like they won’t make a human connection with another. Like they wouldn’t want to. How bullshit is that. They are still human, and human’s need contact with one another. We need connections. We need family. Friends. Yeah, we can live without them if that’s what’s happening. We can tell ourselves that were happy alone. But when someone’s willing to make that effort with you, could you turn it away?

Second Week
1,878w Taking Control of my Werewolf (Moonlit Wolves #4)
·         I figured it out! Finally, after so much time hating, getting annoyed, and bitching. And whining. And well, carrying on like something I shouldn’t really be. I finally figured it out! I finally know how to end this one! Yeah, then I can move on, away, from these two men, who apparently I can’t share a mind with.
·         —just finished the very last chapter (10: 1,167w) which might change when I re-read the whole thing. We’ll see.
·         —when I like over again, I have to remember that his age has to change, if I’ve done age. Maybe even age him up a little when he’s described.
·         —I’m snagging on this sex scene. It’s not even going to be a long one.
·         —fuck yeah! I’m done!
·         Taking Control of My Werewolf
·         (moonlit wolves #4)
·         Chris & Eamon’s story : 19,264 words
·         “Let us introduce you to the Alpha”

Thanks for the time

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