Saturday 14 September 2013

Adults Corner #32

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers.

These are parts of stories that are still being written. And therefore haven’t had a BETA read, let alone a editing from me.

A Werewolf’s Howl
(Moonlit Wolves #5) 

This is unedited

Brad rubbed his cheek up against Kyle’s back. His hips shifted forward, rubbing along the bottom edge of Kyle’s arse. He could have done better, but the effort at the moment wasn’t worth it. He like the way his head nestled into Kyle back, snug and safe between his shoulder blades.
     Brad was so horny. He hadn’t felt this way since he’d first seen Kyle. That excited feeling that made his cock jump and dribble just ‘cause the person he was lusting after touched his skin.
     Heat licked up his spine, making it impossible to keep his hips still. His hands roamed along Kyle’s chest, needing to touch as much as he could. Explore as tinges worked their way along the sensitive flesh.
     “We’ve become a romance novel.”
     “What?” Kyle startle laugh made Brad smile.
     “Yeah, we spent all this time alone, miserable, all because a misunderstanding.”
     “That’s not what—you read romance novels?”
     Brad felt his face heat up a bit, and not in a good way. “Yeah, um, there wasn’t a telly at the academy.”
     “Uh-ha,” Kyle grunted his shoulder tightened up under Brad’s face. The man was trying his hardest not to laugh.
     “Fuck off,” he snapped as his fingers pinched at the nipple he’d been fiddling with.
     Kyle moaned, his shoulder curving in on themselves. Loving it, but trying to get away. Interesting, Brad was going to have fun with Kyle when he finally got the man under him, with time to play around.
     Right now, he just needed to get closer. Needed to get his dick wet, if he wanted to pull it back the base need. Sex. He was so horny, and with everything the thought in the way cleared up, Brad was clear to take.
     Kicking at Kyle’s feet, Brad got him to sink down so that his arse was flush against Brad’s cock. His elbows resting on the sink, head bent down slightly, but Brad could see the reflection as well as Kyle. The bigger man was watching him.
     A shudder went down Brad’s back at the thought. His hands pushed Kyle’s sweats down onto his tight, they weren’t going any further unless Kyle moved and Brad wasn’t having any of that.
     His arse free, to sculpted cheeks, slight rough with hair as he was on his last day of shifting, and he’d was going to stay a little hairier for a couple more days now. Brad didn’t mind one bit.
     Palming the cheeks, Brad spread them, getting a glimpse of the dark rosette of tight muscles. His thumb brushed across them. Kyle let out a sigh, as they flexed for Brad.
     As Brad played with the flesh in his hands, spreading the cheeks, letting them relax. Kissing, tasting the flesh of Kyle’s lower back, and ducking into the top of his clef. Kyle got into the cabinet he was leaning against, and then held out a tube of lube.
     “It’s still everywhere,” Brad chuckled as he grabbed it, before slicking up his fingers.
     “Not as much here, Eamon won’t let us fuck on the lounges.”
     Brad laughed out right before he placed the bottle on the counter and started slightly pushing against Kyle’s entrance.
     “Oh god,” Kyle moaned, letting his head fall down onto his fold arms, as his arsehole muscle relaxed enough for Brad to slide his finger in, and in, getting passed the second knuckle before pulling it back out.
     It didn’t take long before Brad was about to saw his finger in and out without any difficulty. He like the feel of hot heat wrapped tight around him, while he still had full movement.
     Before he was completely aware of his actions, Brad pushed a second finger in along with the first, causing both of them to moan. Kyle, ‘cause of obvious reason, and Brad, ‘cause of the fucking tightness again. Muscles squeezed hard against his fingers, trying to keep him out of what he wanted. Heat licked at his fingertips, teasing him with its delicate softness, making him want to touch more.
     Brad’s cock was pushing against his own sweats, feeling heavy and trapped in the thick material. The tent would have embarrassed him anywhere else.
     He was getting over the exploring. He didn’t want to stop. He’d been dreaming about this moment since he’d first seen Kyle and realised, once and for all, that this was what he wanted.
     That Kyle was whom he wanted.
     “Fuck, Brad, baby, hurry,” Kyle groaned, his hips rocking up against Brad fingers. Brad slide another finger alongside the first two. Knowing that once this became loose he’d be able to use his cock. It wasn’t that he was small, more average, like everything else in him—hell, if this wasn’t the first time, he’d probably move along after just two fingers, but he wasn’t sure of Kyle’s resistance.
     “Now, babe. Fuck me now,” Kyle sounded as if he’d just verbalised a chant that was sing in his head.
     Freeing himself, Brad hissed as his cock flicked up, catching Kyle’s balls, and covering the sedative head with their hot hairy goodness. Picking up the lube again, Brad poured a thick drop onto the head of his cock, rubbing it in as he rolled himself around Kyle’s opening, before he pushed in.
     Oh god… Kyle shifted under him, as Brad’s mind was in his cock head. Tight, gripping muscles, clenched at him, protecting itself from the invasion by trying to keep him out, before Kyle seemed to sigh under him, and open up.
     Still tight, but manageable, Brad muscled his way into the damp heat that tightened around his cock, smothering him in bone deep pleasure as he managed to settle himself in. Hips against arse, thigh against thigh.
     Heat, pleasure and all things great, wrapped itself around Brad as he rested against Kyle. His fingers ran up Kyle’s back, love add bonus of touch as he waited for the ripple of muscle inside Kyle to lessen and he could stop grinding his teeth as he held himself back. The whole thing was more intense than sex had ever been. Fucking hell, the mind actually did matter.
     Kyle’s hips rocked forward and back slightly, and he nearly shouted “move” into the silence of the bathroom. Which was just as well Brad had started to get itching, needing friction in a way he’d never needed it before
     Gripping Kyle’s hips hard, brad started reaming Kyle. Slowly at first, Brad’s pace picked up with Kyle’s looseness. Pleasure tingled through Brad as sweat spiked along Kyle and his skin. The sounds of heavy breathing filled the air along with the natural sounds of sex as they moved together. Wanting that orgasm at the base of their balls to pain area in front of them.
     Hard and cradling up close, Brad moan loudly as Kyle shifted around so that he could pull at his own dick. Fast. His hips shifted as he worked himself front and back.
     Brad’s muscles tightened around his bones. Pleasure became a smaller and smaller zone as all his focus was to explore in orgasmic bliss. A buzz sounded in his ears and his eyes fuzzed slightly as he got closer and closer.
     “Fuck,” Kyle grunted loudly as every muscle inside and out tightened like a vice before his inner muscle rippled in on themselves. Massaging Brad’s cock. It was too much. It was bliss. It was the most perfect moment in his life, as he let himself be barrelled over by an orgasm like no other, tackling him into the mud.
     “God, that was good,” Brad grinned as he lifted himself off Kyle. No matter how good it was, he needed to stand up. Kyle’s legs needed some rest too.
     Brad let himself fall to the ground, followed by Kyle, as they seemed to sprawl on the bathroom floor.
     “Yeah…” Kyle’s smile was real soft. Almost telling Kyle’s love for him in that one moment. “Good.”
     Bad laughed, it was sudden and because he hadn’t caught his breath yet, it made him cough a little.
     Yeah, he smiled back, knowing he was mirroring Kyle, it was fucking awesome.

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