Friday 13 September 2013

What Mrs McGee Thought

I’m having trouble thinking at the moment, and it’s not just when it comes to writing books, it’s not even when it comes to post. I’m honestly just having a shit of a time at the moment. my heads all rambled, but I can’t get anything out.
So I’ve had enough, for the weekend I’m having a pause.

This is for writing, for blogging (though you will still have the rest of the week, since it’s my off week and I’ve already put it up to be posted tomorrow, but in general, I’m pausing, taking a breath and seeing what the fucks happening.

Anyway, I was going to do this as one big posting when she finishes reading all five books I’ve done so far in this series, but since I feel the need to post, but don’t have that great a topic, I’ll, well, do this one now.

This is was my BETA reader Mrs McGee thought, or at least what she told me, and what I can remember.

Moonlit Wolves #1: Loved by a Werewolf

We had coffee for the first book, to catch up and talk about me, and starting my books—no matter how much I love to talk about it, and you can ask my sister, I don’t shut up about it, I still had trouble talking about them. The how’s, and why and all that took a lot, especially when it was face to face. Maybe ‘cause I don’t know her fully and completely, and I’m the type of person you have to get use to before what I say comes out the way I say it, not the way you think I am.

Anyway, she went on to telling me that she liked the fresh style I write in. that it took her a little to get used to, mostly ‘cause she kept of seeing sentences that she would have put a different way, that I simply didn’t. she said that when she realised it was how I write, how I am telling the story—like the words were coming from deep inside (there soul) of the character rather than my talking about it.
She said that you can her my voice in it, but it made it more authentic, for the characters that I was writing.

She said that she didn’t want to put it down when she started. That the story was engaging. She went on to tell me that she had no moment that she felt like skipping paragraphs to get it moving along.
She even told me that when it ended she wanted more, more of the characters.

She said that the violence in the book was done tastefully; she didn’t have a moment of squeamish or need to look away.
 She told be before in an email that I was very good with the sexual tension stuff. And then when we meet that the sex was ‘gaspy’ hot. Though the age difference between us (she’s in her 50’s) I think it will take a lot to get us talk about that in detail. It may happen between us, since I’m quite open about it all, and she might find that she’ll open up about it with me (I pull that out of people)

And finally she told me that the story itself, felt bigger than the two of them, which is great for a series.

I’m still a little hesitant about what the rest of my series is going to be like. I hope, and told her so, that the others are just as good, that I get all the characters different, while keeping it me. she didn’t have the same reservations as me.

Stay tune for more fun loving, I’ll actually do this for the rest of them, they just might be all together. Well see.

Till next time…

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