Monday 2 September 2013

Ah... hello

Ah. hi, this is me blogging

The sad thing is that I’ve tried to think, and write several things for this posting and everything just ended up a jumbled rambling that eventually didn’t make any fucking sense.
Sucks for me, ‘cause it’s what always happens, which is why I end up flacking out, and reverting to what I know.

I watched Spartacus: War of the Damned over the weekend.
It was as good as I knew it was gonna be, especially when I spend a lot of time on tumblr and have pretty much watched all the good points. But it was nice as hell to have the running story.

You see, I loved the first series (Sand and Blood, I haven’t seen Gods of the Arena), it was great, a start that captivated, and had you wanting more. Knowing more.
Really, I fell in love with them all, which is the point of series, isn’t it.

Vengeance was about growth, and it throws in the Nagron, which are an awesome couple. Along with great fight scenes that had me cringing. But, all in all I liked this one more for character development, rather than series plot

War of the Damn I enjoyed more as plot, the fight scene became vague for the most part, because there was just so many, or the time line, the battle line went through distance that needed to be portrayed.
The development of the people seemed so wishy woshy, going backwards and forwards, and yet it made such perfect sense.
But what I’m really saying is that even though Tiberius annoyed me, which was his point, I liked the whole series better. The plot line better than the first second one.
Not that I didn’t for the second one, only I found the rebels side much more interesting then the Romans

Second thing: it’s Father’s Day in Australia was on Sunday, I know I’m a day late, but if there are any dad’s reading this, Happy Your Day—you know, if your Australian.

Yeah, see, um… yeah, okay that’s it.
Thanks for your—shit, see, it’s like habit for my fingers.

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