Wednesday 11 September 2013

Pimping a Professional #4

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Bang, Clash, Roar…
Z. Allora

she’s a rocker, at the moment, most known (to me) for her Dark Angel series which was really cool, very much like a story should go, especially when you’re talking about something like music.

I’ve reviewed the two books I’ve read from the series.

The Dark Angels
·         With Wings                 gay for you
·         Tied Together             the ‘twins’ becoming committed
·         Finally Fallen               demisexual falls for his tranny
·         Happy Hanukkan         got but haven’t read

I actually really like the series, not enough that I cave them, that I’ve become a full blown fan, but I can’t fucking wait for her Made in Chain series to come out.
I remember when I first read the series I went onto her site and read up on all the characters in that series—at least one half of the main ones, and I’ve been waiting for them to come out.
Which you can tell isn’t all that much since the first one is out and I am just buying it now, but still, it’s always been there, waiting for me to remember.

Okay, so when we visit the website, there’s a list of, I’m guessing, series that have, or are, coming up, here’s the list.

Club Zombie
·         Zombie Ahead
·         Zombie Sucks {coming soon}
o   Published by Stiff Rain Press

This one is, obviously about zombies—which isn’t my thing. The blurb is… it seems that zombies need spunk to not be mindless brain-devouring monster.
It’s—okay, reading the blurb is making me laugh a little, and it’s interesting, and kinda making me wonder. But unfortunately I flat out don’t do zombies.

The Dark Angels
·         It’s above
o   Published by MLR Press

Made in Chain
·         The Great Wall
o   Published by MLR Press

The two above are rock band series. Contemporary.

Cambodian Dreams—there isn’t anything yet

The Ladyboy Chronicles {coming soon}
·         Illusions & Dreams
·         Smoke & Mirrors
·         Part 3
·         Part 4

Viking Haven—coming soon

Subtle Innuendos
            Published by MLR Press

Okay, there’s what I can find, about her books.
I’m not an active follow of Allora in anyway, and to be honest I don’t see myself becoming one. it’s not anything about her but I find that I generally follow people I’d never read, it’s kinda weird, I guess, but it’s what I have.

Other places you can find her (that I can find)

To Be Read File:

Dark Angels: Happy Hanukkah
Made in China: The Great Wall

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