Tuesday 8 October 2013

Stuck in Your Head # 68

I’m going to give you the line from the books I’ve read that make my mind crave the rest like chocolate & Coke.

“Sit and rest while the other idiots find out that they are idiots,” he ordered. As easily as that, he saw something settle inside Steffan.
page 66, iBook

The Mark of an Alpha by Kim Dare
(Pack Discipline #1)
First Published 4th January 2010 by Total-e-bound
Paranormal BDSM Romance

Book one in the Pack Discipline Series Dominance and submission mean different things to werewolves than to humans. Once Marsdon and Bennett try things the human way nothing can ever be the same for them again. Werewolf tradition is very clear. The alpha pair is the corner stone of the pack. Equality between the alphas is everything. Alphas mate with alphas. Human leather clubs work to different rules. Dominants mate with submissives. Power is exchanged freely and for the ultimate pleasure of all. Sometimes the most alpha men in the club find happiness with the most omega men. And sometimes the omegas are more than they first appear to be. A wolf might be able to hide his identity and play anonymously in those clubs for a little while, but he can't ignore reality forever. Marsdon and Bennett have lives to get back to, they have packs to return to...they have wolfen traditions to follow. They have just one more night together before they have to lose each other forever. All they can do now, is make the most of it. Reader Advisory: This book contains both human and werewolf styles of dominance and submission. This book also contains blood play and non-sexual violence
Series includes

The Strength of a Gamma, The Duty of a Beta, The Love of a Mate

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