Tuesday 8 October 2013

Update, the Update

So I feel that the reason that That’s Different… #2 isn’t coming to me all that clear, though I have it plotted, I know what I want to write. I just can’t seem to get in the mood for it.

I’ve looked it up. Read about it, and still I can’t seem to want to write it out. I can’t seem to get into the mood for this to work. So I’m giving it up. or pushing it back. I feel that it’s to high up on the BDSM totem pole for me to start it with the second chapter, even if I wasn’t planning on strapping him down on it (there was going to be a later part: Strapped to Spanking Bench)

Still, something inside me is stopping this part. Yeah, I’m not enjoying watching it, mostly because it seems when you have it on porn sites—hell, a lot of blogs that I’ve visited (and most of the more interesting, or more informative, I’ve been able to find are on women being strapped to one), seem to focus mostly on the humiliation of being strapped down. On the fact that anyone could walk in. could watch and you don’t have a chose in the matter.

I understand that it’s true. That that is part of it, I’ve heard the way the men talk to the one strapped down, and I understand, on some level (that’s my own, I can’t tell you wants going on in their heads) that that’s what they are after being in that position, or why wouldn’t they allow themselves to be filmed that way.
And if haven’t had a chose, and it’s not something they want. Well that’s something completely different, and I’d rather not know that I’ve accentually just wanted spousal abuse.

Now, most of all this is so that I can get a little research into the lifestyle, because in some sense, I quite enjoy writing that type of scene more than I thought I would. Hell, I quite like reading it, if the author is being respectful to both parties, and even when there screaming abuse at one, it’s still showing in the text that they care for both.

I’m getting a little windy about this whole thing.
It’s just I feel that I may as well tell you the reason that I am forgoing the following blog story—this part of the story for the time being until it is time that he can be strapped down, along with Jem.
I’m not sure where I’m head now, if it’s only going to be a once off story, though I’d still, very much like a three part, so that I can still put it through Nov, but maybe I’ll write a short on for next month, and a 3 part Christmas blog story. One that is something, maybe, altogether different, but a story all the same.

 so, anyway, I wasted my day as I went through with research before I figured this shit out. but maybe now, the story will come, and it will flow in a way that it hadn't before, and I can get it the hell over with.  

Anyway, till next time…

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