Friday 8 November 2013

Fu*k me, I think I’m done

Okay, so I’m sure you might not care, but I’m a little buzzed so I thought I’d share with the class.
I have just finished writing That’s Different… the first part, and yeah, I know, but it’s more than I finished writing it, but I’ve put them all up, waiting to go.

Then, you see, I thought, since it’s annoying as fuck to link up all of them, and even more so as a reader to have to click and flick if I have missed the story and want to get into the swing. So I thought I would put it up as a page, you know, one link, you can either read the posting, if that’s where you’re up to, or you can click to the page and get the whole deal in one.

Well, I thought it was a good idea. It’s something that I’d prefer, especially if it wasn’t going to come out as ebook anytime soon. But then I’m not a one time reader, I’m the type of person that gets there money out of books, especially if I like them.

(huh, and now I feel a little weird, ‘cause it’s like I think that you all would like it, and maybe you do, maybe you don’t, who am I to know…)

Anyway, I’m getting off point, sorry, I’ll try to finish up real quick.

So, I put them all as a running story on Word, and what did I find? *the point to this posting, you said sarcastically, or I do* is that I have written 12,249 words on this story already.
And since it’s a running series, a mini one, at that, it’s a good beginning for, what? a chronicle? I think I can call it that since it’s about him on a journey, right?

Anyway, I have always planned on taking this and making it into an ebook, I thought it would take a lot longer, since I wasn’t really paying attention to the fact that I was writing words, but hey, it’s done, it’s a good start. Also, I was thinking of making it one big book at the end, but who really wants that?!

So as I re-read the last part of the Nov postings, I’m going to make sure it works, post it for your enjoyment, and then read the whole thing from start to finish, fill it up, where it needs it. Cut what needs cutting—you know the general on a second draft kind of thing, and send it off to me beta and see what she thinks.
Then I’ll get it edited and have it up as a free ebook.
Which, for me, in my head, it will make two of them, yeah.

Anyway, it’s what I’m excited about at the moment, it’s book related, and I thought you might like to know along with me.
Honestly, being a writer, it’s these little things. The realisation of a finished draft. It’s heady, and it’s fulfilling and it’s something that, I don’t know, needs a little celebrating, even if it’s only for a moment. Because now, it’s the hard work, and yet, it’s kinda of a relief to have it all there, your story. ‘Cause though you change it up, and work on it, the hardest part, and maybe the funniest is all done.

Trust me, it’s a lot of work, to finish a story, and I feel like sometimes, it’s a little daunting to know that what you’ve written, well it’s there, it’s done.
And sometimes, even when it’s a series, it’s kinda sad that it’s gone.

Because, you can take a month, you can take a year, but at the end of the day these characters, these places, these words, have been your companion for all that time, and when it’s gone, there gone. It’s kinda sad.
Worse, I guess, when you’re finished a series all together, but I haven’t gotten that far into my career yet, to comment on it.

Well… thanks.

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